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100+ Getting Your Home Organized Tips

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There are so many tips for getting your home organized on the Internet! Personally, I love home organization. Getting a handle on our home and the things in it can make everything about life better. When I know where everything is, I’m less stressed and I do a better job at sticking to our family budget. Win-win!

If you’re feeling like giving your house a overhaul this year, this list of getting your home organized tips features ideas and suggestions you can use for every room in your home, no matter how big it is!

More Than 100 Home Organizing Tips

100+ Getting Your Home Organized Tips:

1. Start by performing a brain dump to create your to-do list!

2. Store scarves on shower curtain racks in your closet!

3. Create chore checklists to help kids keep up with their daily chores.

4. Do a seasonal declutter to get rid of things you don’t actually need.

5. Separate your book collection by the room in which you’ll need the books. For example, store cookbooks in the kitchen where they’ll get the most use.

6. Build a DIY mudroom bench to create a spot to drop shoes and bags when your family comes in the door.

7. Create separate spaces in your kids’ closets for school clothes and play clothes.

8. Designated a space in the house as a command center where the family can keep up with upcoming events and projects.

9. Make an after-school snack center where kids can grab a snack in the afternoon.

10. Keep toilet paper and bathroom linens under the sink in plastic laundry baskets.

11. Use a laundry routine to stay on top of laundry during the week.

12. Develop a 31-day dinner menu to make meal planning easy.

13. Toss junk mail as soon as you come in the house to avoid it piling up later.

14. Use old cans to make a DIY school supply caddy for the kids.

15. Place a paper organization station on the kitchen counter to corral paperwork.

16. Organize pantry goods according to category so you’ll know where things are right away.

17. Put baskets on the inside of bathroom cabinet doors to keep bottles upright.

18. Hang a slotted pantry door on the kitchen wall to store kitchen tools.

19. Color-code LEGO bricks by container to keep them organized.

20. Try revolving desk organizer to store pens and pencils.

21. Store monthly bills in a hanging shoe organizer to keep up with them.

22. Keep toddler toys and books in a tiered plastic dresser so kids can reach them easily.

23. Make a dry-erase schedule to list all of the family’s activities for the month.

24. Store magazines in cardboard file holders.

25. Keep favorite recipes in a family binder.

26. Use clear plastic boxes to store video games and controllers in one place.

27. Stash muffin tins and cutting boards in a vertical rack.

28. Repurpose a cable spool into a kid-friendly book shelf.

29. Keep shampoo and soap in a plastic shower caddy that you can bring into the shower when needed.

30. Color code kids’ bathroom items, including towels, washcloths, and toothbrushes.

31. Keep puzzle pieces in resealable plastic bags.

32. Organize medicine cabinet supplies according to their function. Keep cough and cold supplies in one section and hair accessories in another.

33. Label pantry staple bins to find them quickly when cooking.

34. Put all kitchen cleaning supplies in a kitchen organization bucket that you can keep under the sink.

35. Use a flat table and a filing cabinet to create a two-person desk area for working.

36. Put a donation box in the closet for regular decluttering sessions.

37. Increase pantry storage by adding shelving unit for canned goods and staples.

38. Label charging cords with opaque tape to keep them separated by device.

39. Create a household binder to keep up with maintenance, finances, and meal planning.

40. If you work at home, set regular office hours to separate your work and life time.

41. Make a school work scrapbook and save your children’s school work for the year in it.

42. Set up a homework station where kids can keep assignments and schoolbooks organized.

43. Make a list of sports bag essentials if your kids play sports.

44. Store pantry staples such as flour, sugar, and beans in see-through canisters.

45. Use a dish rack to store mail.

46. Stash important office supplies on a rolling storage cart.

47. Hang fabric storage organizers in the closet to store sweaters.

48. Regroup all of your kitchen tools and dishes into cabinets based on how they’re used. Keep baking pans in one cabinet, frying pans in another, and pots in a separate cabinet.

49. Keep instruction manuals in one large binder and use label tabs to separate them.

50. Store children’s clothes at eye level so they can pick out clothes and put them away themselves.

Over 100 Home Organizing Tips

51. Keep wet cleaning wipes in kids’ lunchboxes for easy clean-up.

52. Replace pantry shelves with with wire shelving to reduce space.

53. Use a cubby shelf to store kids’ toys and play equipment.

54. Repurpose an old cabinet as jewelry storage.

55. Set up a reading space for school-aged kids to keep books and read after class.

56. Downsize your clothes wardrobe and get rid of items you haven’t worn in a year.

57. Create an organization jar and tackle one slip at a time.

58. Hang colorful buckets on the wall to store art supplies.

59. Use DIY purse organization supplies to store charging cords, bobby pins, and other small items.

60. Separate your filing cabinet into separate filing drawers for your business, home management, and financial paperwork.

61. Add colorful paper to a cardboard box to make a DIY toilet paper holder.

62. Use old diaper boxes to store linens and towels.

63. Make a list of freezer meals to prepare in advance and save for dinner.

64. Delete old and unused photos and separate the ones you keep by category on your hard drive.

65. Toss out old papers and receipts that are older than three years. (Remember to keep tax documents for at least seven years!)

66. Keep out of season clothing in window cardboard boxes.

67. Use a car hanging organizer to stash baby wipes, dry snacks, and books for the kids as you ride.

68. Discard all unused and unflattering beauty products.

69. Turn an old hutch into craft room storage.

70. If you have multiple children, hang their bathroom towels on hooks to save space.

71. Store rolls of ribbon on a clothes hanger.

72. Establish a weekly meal planning routine to avoid last-minute dinner scrambles.

73. Use a printable back-to-school checklist to simplify school shopping.

74. Label kids’ school belongings so they won’t get “lost” as quickly.

75. Arrange clothes in your closet by type to find what you’re looking for quickly.

76. Keep laundry room supplies in wicker baskets for easy transport throughout the house.

77. Make a spreadsheet to keep track of income and expenses throughout the year.

78. Collect children’s books that are dog-eared or torn and toss them out.

79. Add clear plastic dividers to drawers to keep makeup and brushes separated.

80. Toss out any magazines that have not been read in a year.

81. Store toy cars in oversized jars.

82. Keep quilts and winter coats in plastic tubs during the off-season.

83. Organize kids’ books in author bins so you can find a favorite book quickly.

84. Hang a peg board on the wall and store crafting tools by hanging them up.

85. Alphabetize movies and music by title.

86. Set aside an artwork folder to keep kids’ masterpieces together.

87. Label all homemade cleaners to avoid using the wrong solution on the wrong surface.

88. Keep learning toys and manipulatives in mesh laundry bags.

89. Hang frequently used kitchen utensils from a rack on the wall in the kitchen.

90. Use a plastic bread bag tie to roll up charging cords for easier storage.

91. Toss out old and broken board games and store remaining games in a see-through container.

92. Store clothing vertically to make more room in dresser drawers.

93. Use a storage bin and plastic sleeves to store DVDs in less space and find the one you want easily.

94. Make a DIY cleaning kit to make chores go quickly.

95. Keep plastic grocery bags in wipe containers.

96. Make a magnetic memo board to keep up with a running grocery list.

97. Use open shelving to store supplies in a workroom.

98. Write down priority organization projects on a list and cross them off as you go.

99. Make a home inventory list and update it regularly to keep up with your essential supplies all year long.

100. Keep craft supplies organized in mason jars so you can easily see what’s in each one.

101. Label toy bins to keep playthings organized for the kids.

102. Use plastic tote boxes to store scrapbook paper.

100+ Home Organizing Tips

Getting Your Home Organized Resources:

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Do you have any must-have home organizing tips? Share them in the comments!

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