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Game night board games you must own!

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Are you looking for some epic game night board games that need to find their way into your family game night rotation? If so, I’ve got the list for you.

The great part about playing board games together as a family is that they’re interactive and so much fun. There aren’t many other times in life when you can have everyone sitting together while laughing and having some friendly competition.

If you have the ability, incorporating a family game night routine into your weekly schedule should be on your radar for this year.

must have board games for your game closet

The best part about family game night is that you get to rotate out different games each and every time. And what this means on your part is that you need to have several different board games in stock to play over the course of many weeks.

Here are some of the top board games for families to play and enjoy together!

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Game night board games you must own

If you’re looking for a true classic that everyone is going to love, look no further than Guess Who? This classic “who done it” is a fun way to have everyone guesses and see if they can figure out who “it” is.

There’s no denying that the game that everyone has a love/hate with is Monopoly. And no matter if you love it or not, it’s certainly a fun family game that will bring out the competitive side in all of us!

Who doesn’t love Scrabble? It’s the word game that can leave everyone at a loss for words. There’s just something about those tile pieces that will have each player scrambling to get that next big word. But be ready, it’s a tongue-twister at times, too!

Does your family love to draw? If so, Pictionary is calling your name. Test out your drawing skills and your guessing ability and see who comes out victorious. Make certain to choose your partner wisely!

Cooperative games are super popular and are a way that the entire family can work together to win. In Pandemic, each player has their “job” to try to stop the virus from taking over the world. Get ready, it’s a whirlwind of a game.

10 best board games for families

Everyone loves the game of Life. And what isn’t there to love? Start out by choosing a career or college, and you’ll soon find yourself married, having kids, buying a house and more! It’s the game of Life that is certainly full of ups and downs.

If your family members love to strategize, Mastermind is the game for you. You’re competing against one other person to try to break their code in as few moves as possible. And with over 2,000 combinations to try out, you better have your mind in gear and a little luck on your side.

Scattergories is literally laugh out loud funny. It’s a fast-paced game that will have everyone scrambling for the right answers to the questions. Just make certain to figure out an answer that no one else has or those points won’t count.

Are you looking for a mystery game to try to figure out the killer? If so, Clue is a perfect choice. Figuring out the weapon, the crime, the location, and the person are the main focus of this fun family game. Just be ready…everything isn’t always what it seems.

Just when you thought you knew everything, along comes Trivial Pursuit to prove that it’s not the case. This game asks hard questions to see who really is the brains in the family.

As you can tell from the list above, there is no shortage of family night board games to play. And sometimes, you just have to play more than one in one sitting. (Unless it’s Monopoly…that game can go on for ages!)

have the best family game night with these board games

Above everything, just make certain that you’re having fun and being respectful to one another during the games. The whole point of having a family game night is to spend quality time together where everyone can bond and have a great time.

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