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Family Game Night

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Family Game Night is a serious tradition in our house. We love reserving time to spend games together as a family, even as our kids get older.

Throughout the years, we’ve played many, many board games and we’ve tried lots of kids’ activities. But these 10 ideas for family game night are some of our all-time favorites. When you’re planning your next family game evening, try one of these suggestions for a new way to have fun together! You’re going to love these family game night ideas!

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Family Game Night Ideas - 3 Boys and a Dog

From minute to win it games to class games after eating family dinner, you can’t go wrong introducing a family night idea to play with family members. Skip movie night and instead play classic games like the ones listed below. You can even toss in a card game or two to shake things up!

When you create a family game night, the kids love having that time to sit and relax and enjoy. Make sure to have some ice cream on hand, cozy up in the living room, and let the fun begin!

Family Game Night:

You’ll love these family fun night ideas! They’re a great way to have a blast together as a family and play some fun games!

1. HiHo! Cherry-O Inspired Game Night – HiHo! Cherry-O! is a favorite with my family. We extended the game into an evening of fun and learning with fine motor, mathematics, and literacy connections. Plus find out how to make your own Cherry Counting Book.

2. Game Night and Taco Bar – Get the family talking at the dinner table by holding a family game night and taco bar. My fast and easy Grilled Chicken Taco Recipe will leave you time to join in the fun.

3. Color Land Run and Write (Candy Land) – An adaptation of of the original game that gets the kids up and moving around. This game develops gross motor skills, fine motor skills, literacy skills and math skills! That’s a lot of skill building for one game!

4. Treasure Hunt Game Night – This Treasure Hunt game is a combination of a hunt, a trivia game and a race to get a puzzle completed first.

5. Rummikub Math = Family Fun Night! – Using the tile game Rummikub, you can get your kids practicing math facts, counting in their heads and learning math shortcuts all while eating candy and having fun!

Fun Family Game Night Ideas to Try - 3 Boys and a Dog

6. Apples to Apples Recipes for Family Game Night – One of the best parts about hosting a game night is coming up with great food to serve!  For a fun night playing Apples to Apples, here are some great Apples to Apples Recipes for Family Game Night!

7. Learning States and Capitals with Family Game Night – Turn game night into a total learning experience with Great States Junior PLUS some FREE printable flashcards!

8. Clue Fruit Kebabs with Yogurt Dip – Make a fun and yummy Clue inspired fruit kebabs and yogurt dip to go with your game of Clue on family game night.

9. The Ladybug Game Counting Cards – A great game for the preschoolers that does not require any reading, but does require the kiddos to count, interpret symbols, and take turns…all great skills for young children!

10. Family Game Night Inspired by LEGO –  This Family Game Night was full of Lego action, consisting of lego snackslego science experiments, a few rounds of store bought Lego games and an action packed homemade game of Hide and Go Seek 20 Questions using our favorite stuffed lego man.

10 Family Game Night Ideas - 3 Boys and a Dog

11. Don’t miss out on these Fun Game Night Options for Adults (and older teens)! These are great games for the older kids and adults to play together!

12. Check out this list of Game night board games you must own! Every family needs these on their game shelf!

13. Running out of ideas? These Game Night Theme Ideas will give you plenty to plan and look forward to!

14. Looking for a fun new spin on game night? Check out these Best Subscription Boxes for Family Game Night!

Other fun ideas to add to game night are a family talent show or a family bike ride as well. You can always work them in between games to have a break! Family game night is the perfect way to bond as a family and spend some quality time with some competitive fun!

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Family Game Night Resources:

Make sure to check out these affiliate resources to make your family game night extra special!

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