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15+ Sight Word Games for Kids

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Learning to read is one of the biggest challenges that kids face.  For some it comes easily, but others struggle until that switch is flipped!

One of the ways to help make the process easier is to introduce sight words.  These are simply words that kids can NOT sound out!

That crazy English language!

fun sight word games games to help kids learning to read

Sight Word Games for Kids

Flashcard Games – If you are using Kelli’s Dolch Sight Word flashcards, then here are a few ways to make it a game.

Math sight words – It wasn’t something that had occurred to me until I worked with my first grader…math has a lot of reading!  Learning basic math sight words with this simple activity using manipulatives can help kids do their math homework more independently.

Sight words with toys – Use a child’s favorite toys to create sentences with sight word flashcards.  Suddenly learning to read is a fun story-telling game!

Kinetic sight word activity – This game is active!  Perfect for the student that can’t sit still very long {or for the parent that has that same trouble}.

Opposite word match – I like this activity because it can be set up and played without parental intervention.  The other thing that is fun is that when words are wrongly matched, it is usually funny and ends in giggles.

Number words – Have you thought about how ridiculous number words are spelled?  Try sounding out…one, two, three – finally one that makes sense!  Use this simple kid-lead activity to learn these difficult common words.

Phonics flip book – If you are combining sight words with phonics, this is the perfect way to practice those words that CAN be sounded out.

Sight word letter puppets – Spelling and reading sight words is WAY more fun when it is part of a performance!  These letter puppets can be used in a whole bunch of dramatic ways.

Story cubes – Add some challenging words to cubes and make a fun roll and tell game!  This is surely to end in a tall tale.

Block words – Use LEGO blocks to spell words that are challenging.  Because they are LEGO bricks, it won’t seem like work at all!

Sight word party blower – Write out the most challenging words in preparation of a practice party!  This is so fun, your child will be inventing words to read.

Muffin tin literacy game – Use a muffin tin multiple ways to practice reading words in different ways!

Sight word cup game – This is a fun way to create mystery while reading.  A small toy and a sweet reward make this game one kids will beg to play over and over.

Sight word treasure hunt – Who doesn’t LOVE a treasure hunt?  And this one incorporates the words that might be challenging at the time for a learning adventure.

Sight word target practice – Oh my goodness!  My kids would love this.  Grab some words and a ball and play until all the targets are successfully hit.

My Favorite Resources for Sight Word Practice:

Sight Words Splat Game Grades K-1

Zingo Sight Words Game

Pop For Sight Words Game

Sight Words Bingo Flash Cards

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Theres Just One Mommy

Saturday 15th of March 2014

So many great activities to help with those sight words! Pinning this one!

Anna@The Measured Mom

Monday 3rd of March 2014

Thanks for sharing this with us at After School! It's part of my round up today.

maryanne @ mama smiles

Sunday 2nd of March 2014

So many great ways to practice sight words!


Saturday 1st of March 2014

Another great learning post for the littles. Thanks for sharing!

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Tuesday 25th of February 2014

Thanks for posting this great resource. I am just beginning to start planning a homeschool preschool for my daughter and this will help a bunch, especially since my biggest worry is teaching her to read. I am bookmarking this and will be using these great ideas, thanks again for sharing.