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Best Subscription Boxes for Family Game Night

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You’re going to love this list of the best subscription boxes for Family Game Night! What better way to spend time as a family than to receive a monthly box of games delivered right to your front door?! Boardgame subscription boxes can be full of party games to play with family and friends or can be a fun way to create a game night monthly with the kids. Check out our other gift ideas for everyone as well.

Game night subscription boxes are great because they’re full of high-quality options for everyone to join in on the fun. It’s a fun and easy idea to get brand new board games delivered to your house!

Choose the best monthly subscription boxes for your family from this list! Once you receive a box and try it, you’re going to be hooked and ready for more.

This list of family fun game night ideas will include mysteries, puzzles, escape room challenges, and more! It’s fun to change up the monthly theme which is what the subscription boxes do perfectly!

Be sure to check out my Game Night Theme Ideas for more fun!

What is a subscription service? 

It’s actually a great way to get themed boxes with a different theme delivered to your house every single month. You pay one price per month, and the monthly boxes arrive at the same time each month. 

There will be a new game included in the month subscription, and it will vary on what type of game it is. It could be strategy games or different options that will change up on a monthly basis. 

It’s perfect for a friend game night and also really does make the perfect gift. The box only has brand-new board games which is a great added bonus! They’re high quality and fun! 

Are the games good for children of all ages? 

While a lot of them are geared toward a fun family experience, there might be some that are not for younger children. When you sign up for the subscription model, you’ll have an option to pick an age range, if that is offered. 

You can pick a subscription for older kids or younger kids, depending on the age that is going to be getting the box. There are some games that also include educational activities which is also always a good time. 

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Best Subscription Boxes for Family Game Night

Don’t forget that all these monthly board game subscription boxes come to your house around the same time every month. Not only is this good for planning but it gives everyone something new and exciting to look forward to as well.

If you’re feeling as though you’re in a bit of a rut as a family, there are options for you to take charge and find something new and exciting to do! Subscription boxes can be a great way to introduce something totally new for the family and watch them love every second! (it can also be a great way to work together, too!)

Mystery Subscription Boxes for Family Game Night

Solving mysteries together is so much fun! You’ll find that all of these great options will have everyone in the family putting their heads together and finding an amazing solution. Will you solve the mystery or not? Either way, you’ll bond and find ways to communicate and work together while having fun!

Finders Seekers Mysteries

Are you looking for a fun and exciting game night with the family? With Finders Seekers Mysteries is what imagination and mystery are all about! With a new city to explore each month, everyone will need to get on their sleuthing hats to try and solve the mystery based on the clues.

With a price point starting at $25.00 monthly, this is an affordable option to try!

Deadbolt Mystery Society

Do you have what it takes to crack the case? This Deadbolt Mystery Society activity is perfect for up to 4 players to join in on all the mysterious fun! Each box will take you through a story, give clues, and then see if you can figure out “who done it” to solve the case.

Pricing starts at $21.67 monthly and is great for those who love to gather glues and solve mysteries.

Sleuth Kings: Rookie Detective Time Traveler Game

Ready to travel in time as. family and solve mysteries? Sleuth Kings is perfect! This is great for all ages to join in on the family fun! You’ll have to immerse yourself in all the clues to figure it out.

Starting at just $14.95, this is perfect for affordable family fun.

Escape the Crate

Who says that you have to leave your house to find a great escape room? Escape the Crate can happen right in the comfort of your home!

Geared for ages 10+, this is a fun way to work together as a team. Starting at just $26.50, you’ll love how fun this is!

Madmen Heroes

Does your family love history? This family game is great for teens and up to dive in and be a part of history. Based on real-life happenings, Madmen Heroes is one monthly service that you’re going to want to sign up for.

Just $27.50 per month!

Enigma Fellowship

Enigma Fellowship is all about working together and figuring it out. Each box will take about 2 hours to work through which is the perfect amount of time to solve, imagine, or create whatever you’re instructed to do as a family!

Starting at a price point of $20.50, this is cheaper than spending money on fast food!

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A Killing Affair

Due to the types of crimes that are being solved, A Killing Affair is best for ages 12 and up. You’ll have to work together as a small group to find out the killer.

The cool thing about this mystery box is that it comes in a series of five. Each box gives clues that should help you solve the mystery by the last box!

Are you ready to solve a murder? Find out if you have the skills and test your detective skills here! Murder mysteries are really a lot of fun!

Grab this fun game for a price starting at $32.50!

Creative Subscription Boxes for Family Game Night

Sometimes family game night can be all about creativity and just chilling and relaxing. Here are some simple board games that are a throwback to before the internet even existed to a fun idea for unplugging and just hanging out.

PreOwned Board Game Club

Every month, you’ll get two preowned board games delivered right to your house. All the games are in great condition and will give you and the kids the chance to try some new games that you never even knew about!

With a price point of $39.95, this is the perfect way to try some older games that you might have forgotten even existed!

Together Unplugged

I totally consider this to be an activity for family game night! Together Unplugged is the perfect way to get away from the screen and focus on one another and creativity. No pressure, no stress, and no distractions. Just a simple game box full of creative supplies and ideas.

Starting at $44.95 per month, you can make room in the budget to try out this fun box! If you like solving puzzles and hanging out, I think you’re really going to like this fun monthly box.

Boxed Locks

The more brains working on picking the lock to the mystery box, the better! Boxed Locks provides puzzles and clues to try and find out what is hiding in the mystery box.

New clues monthly and an affordable price point are the reason that this is such a popular choice!

Red Star Vintage Monthly Box

Talk about a throwback family game night idea! Red Star Vintage ships vintage games to your monthly, with no game repeats, ever!

This is a fun way to have the kids play games that you grew up playing to see how the games how changed over the years. And who knows – they just may find that they have a love for old games that they never even knew existed!

Starting at $18.75 monthly, this is a super fun idea for the family.

See how many fun subscription boxes for families there are? Any of these would be a great idea to pick a night and just chill and relax.

And if you’re anything like my family, there is certain to be a bit of “friendly completion”, too!

You can also whip up some of these 25 Game Night Recipes to have as a fun snack while everyone is together!

More Subscription Boxes to Consider

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