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Fun Games to Learn the States

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We all learned about the fifty states when we were in school. And it’s fine to use paper maps and textbooks to teach our kids about the United States too. But now, there are so many ways to make learning about the fifty states fun and interactive for kids!

So let’s get learning off the page and use some fun games to learn the states with our kids! These activities include electronic games, board games, printable activities, and more that are all about getting to know the United States with young ones!

For more geography fun you can try at home, take a look at this Label the World’s Oceans Activity!

fun games to learn the states

Fun Games to Learn the States:

1. Do your kids get antsy on car rides? Bring this family-friendly Printable License Plate I Spy Game along!

2. Love electronics? This Stack the States game looks fun!

3. Having trouble getting your kids to learn the state names? Give this Scrambled States of America Game a shot!

4. Teaching your kids US history? Bingo! Here’s a fun State Bingo and Geography Crosswords game.

5. Do your kids love crosswords? This U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle is perfect!

6. Hands-on, and HUGE, this United States of America: It’s Flag & States activity is a awesome tool and one of my favorite fun games to learn the states for studying states!

7. This State Postcard Challenge is tons of fun for kids who are learning geography!

Fun Games to Learn States

8. “Travel” the country with this Geography App State Bingo and Road Trip US!

9. This fast-paced Fun Geography Game for Kids is a fun way to learn your states!

10. If your kids love coloring, these Printable US Activity Coloring Pages will be an excellent way to teach them about the fifty states!

11. Use this fun, electronic Kids Maps–An Interactive Map Puzzle game to teach your kiddo about the U.S.!

12. This State Bingo and Road Trip game is awesome for bored kids on the road!

13. Are you looking for a geography activity for your little ones to do? This USA Activity Bundle From the Crafty Classroom would be perfect!

14. Teach your kids to write, trace, memorize, and about the states with these U.S. Geography Games!

fun states and capitals games

Fun Games to Learn the States Resources:

Share these Amazon affiliate resources to make learning the states fun for kids!

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Friday 9th of November 2018

You should also check out Destination USA from Mindware. Everyone we have introduced it to loves it and it is traveling across the US every which way as the game board.

Mother of 3

Thursday 20th of September 2018

We LOVE Stack the States and Scrambled States of America! My boys have learned so much by playing them. I'll have to check out some of these other suggestions. Pinned.

Medona Steve

Friday 14th of September 2018

Great post and just what I’m looking for!


Tuesday 11th of September 2018

It's difficult for a kid to remember the name of all stats. But as you say, I believe that games can easily teach anything. And almost every kid love to play a game, it's great to learn something while enjoying the game.