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Game Night Theme Ideas

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I have always loved a good game night! I especially love building an entire theme around a game: educational activities, the game, snacks, even a movie! This makes it memorable.

Take some time to unplug yourself and your kids with one of our fun game night suggestions. You can thank me later.

Don’t forget to take a look at these 25 Game Night Recipes so that you can have fun foods to eat while you’re gaming!

Game Night Theme Ideas:

A Clue Night of Mystery (includes fun recipes)

Apples to Apples (includes 10 apple recipes!)

LEGO Inspired Family Game Night

Hi-Ho Cherry-O (includes instructions to help you extend this into an evening of fun and learning with fine motor, mathematics, and literacy connections)

Host a Skip Bo Taco Bar

Rummikub – plus math fun!

States and Capitals – a fun way to teach without the kids even knowing!

The Ladybug Game (includes printable educational resources)

Treasure Hunt – get the kids active during this fun event!

Best Games for Families:

Game night board games you must own!

Games that teach Patience

Travel Games for Kids

Fun Game Night Options for Adults (and older teens)

More Resources about Board Games:

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