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Fun Things to do with Kids in Erie, PA

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Don’t miss this list of Fun Things to do with Kids in Erie, PA. There are so many fun kids activities to do in the state of Pennsylvania and Erie has so many great options, too! If you’re ready to visit Erie Pennsylvania with children, you’re going to love this list. Check out our State Unit Studies as well for many fun ideas.

If you’re looking for things to keep your family entertained, check out the great options on this list!

When it comes to exploring fun towns, I love to find secret gems in them that are great for kids! Be certain to check out our Kid Friendly Travel Resources as well.

12 Erie, Pennsylvania Activities for Kids:

We’ve always loved this city anytime we’ve gone. My boys love how family-friendly the activities were which meant that we were able to do a ton of fun things together as a family.

I highly recommend visiting as many children museums as possible as they offer really great exhibits and a ton of educational material as well. Why not learn a bit while you’re visiting?

I can’t wait for you to see everything that Erie offers for you and your family to do! Here are some of the best things to do with young children and children of all ages. 

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1. Lake Erie Arboretum

If you’re looking for a fun place to get out and stretch your legs, a visit to Lake Erie Arboretum is it! It’s busy no water time of year it is and people will be there no matter if it’s hold or cold.

There is plenty of green space to move about and some really fun places to take some cool pictures, too.

2. Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Tom Ridge Environmental Center is great for families. If the tower is open, go up to see some pretty cool panoramic views.

There is also a fun gift shop there for the family to explore and find cute souvenirs from the trip.

3. Erie Zoo

With over 400 animals to see located on 15 acres, you’re not going to want to miss the sights at the Erie Zoo.

This zoo also has a beautiful greenhouse area and a ton of gorgeous plants to see as well.

4. Erie Maritime Museum

The Erie Maritime Museum opened its doors in 1998 and has been drawing in visitors ever since. Located on the water in downtown Erie, it’s really a fun place to visit.

Keep your eyes peeled for a ship that just might be parked along the waterfront as that is always fun to see as well.

5. Presque Isle State Park

Located on Peninsula Drive, Presque Isle State Park is one stop that you just can’t miss. The views are stunning and there always seems to be something going on.

Go ahead and just pack the binoculars and some hiking shoes and see what you can explore.

6. Erie Art Museums

The Erie Art Museum is a fun way to enjoy beautiful works of art. Plan on spending a couple of hours taking in all the pieces of work.

This is a great way to expose the kids to various forms of art.

7. Visit Play Port

Play Port is a fun place where the kids can play arcade games and burn off some energy.

You can easily have a few hours of family fun here and then be ready to go elsewhere and grab a bite to eat!

8. expERIEnce Children’s Museum

The expERIEnce Children’s Museum is a place with the kids can learn with hands-on fun. Perfect for smaller kids or those who are young at heart.

Tons of activities that are great for sensory play and imaginative play as well.

9. Waldameer & Water World

Everyone in the family will love a visit to Waldameer & Water World. Many activities include water and let’s not forget the giant wave pool.

Bring your swimsuits and have fun!

10. Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort

Book a day at the Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort! Spend the afternoon letting the kids splash around at this giant waterpark!

Perfect for a rainy day or when you want to just relax and let the kids have some fun.

11. Harbor View Miniature Golf

Challenge the family to a game of mini golf at Harbor View Miniature Golf. It’s a great way to spend some quality family time.

With 18 holes, you’ll have plenty of chances to come back and take over the lead.

12. Erie Playhouse

Take the kids to see a live show at the Erie Playhouse! Such a fun way to get live entertainment and maybe even some live music!

The performing arts is always a great idea for family fun.

Free Things to do with kids in Erie PA

If you’re looking for items that are cost-effective for your family, do some research and check out the local parks in the area. You can always visit the parks for the playgrounds, to have a picnic, or to have a fun hike as well. There are a lot of great picnic areas that you can enjoy on a clear day! 

The outdoor areas in Erie don’t cost a dime and can really offer some pretty cool bonding experiences and ways to create family memories. The city of Erie is the perfect place to have some free fun. 

I’m sure you’ll find that this is one of the best places for the whole family to enjoy. There are so many fun activities that everyone is certain to have a great time. Be sure to peek around at the surrounding area so that you can see why so many people visit here during the summer months of the year. It’s a great spot and a great place for visitors of all ages. 

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