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Pennsylvania Handwriting and Coloring Worksheets

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These Pennsylvania Handwriting and Coloring Worksheets are great for early learners. When it comes to learning more about the state of Pennsylvania, it’s important to start with the basic facts. Pair this up with our 50 states unit study for even more learning facts for the kids.

Use this coloring page to work on handwriting and to spike interest in learning more about the state of Pennsylvania. The kids will have a blast with these Pennsylvania coloring pages! Having printable versions on hand in black and white give them the chance to use these coloring sheets however they’d like!

This fun printable is perfect for handwriting practice and even some fun social studies learning. Use this Pennsylvania state bird coloring page and this Pennsylvania state symbols coloring page as a great way to show the kids what the state of Pennsylvania is all about.

Make certain that you take the time to teach the kids more about this state. Teach them the state bird, state symbols, state capital, and more.

Using states coloring page printables is perfect to focus on some of the best state facts out there. With over 50 states to get through, there are so many learning opportunities just waiting to be explored.

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Pennsylvania Handwriting and Coloring Worksheets

These coloring pages and handwriting pages about Pennsylvania are going to help them learn so much! They’ll love the option to write out the words and then also decorate the pictures, too. They can use these worksheets to then create a fun word search or fact sheet about the state.

Resources to help you expand on this State:

What are the things that Pennsylvania is known for?

This state is full of fun! And if you want to have a fun game at home, asking trivia about states is always a good idea. Everyone loves being a part of random facts and trivia is the perfect place to make that happen!

Pennsylvania is known for the Liberty Bell, the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, and the Declaration of Independence, to name a few.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if the above example resource includes fun ideas to explore the state as well? I’m all about getting out and about and seeing everything that a place and state has to offer.



If you live in Pennsylvania, get out and explore the area. Living in a state that is so full and rich in history is a wonderful thing! Find as many landmarks and beautiful yellow green hills in the country that you can see and adore. You can easily educate yourself about the past history of Pennsylvania as well as look forward to things in the future as well.

Just when you thought that you knew all that the state had to offer, there are gems of information out there just waiting to be discovered. This type of coloring activity is geared towards early learners but is a perfect way for older kids to be able to learn and research as well.

Learning about the state of Pennsylvania could be a fun family experience and a great way to communicate about history, social studies, and more! The best way to get started is to print out the coloring pages and the writing book and start going through the pages together!

More Pennsylvania Resources:

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