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Fun & Delicious Egg Hunt Cupcake Recipe

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Don’t miss out on this fun Egg Hunt Cupcake Recipe! Not only are these peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes full of flavor but there is a fun Easter egg surprise in the middle! These might be some of my favorite homemade cupcakes to make!

These Easter egg hunt cupcakes are made with delicious Reese’s egg candy and other simple ingredients. Trust me when I say that you don’t want to miss out on this Reese egg cupcake recipe!

peanut butter and chocolate cupcake recipe

Since you get to use a simple cake mix as your base, there are very few steps that you really have to worry about. Just grab a Devil’s Food cake mix from the store, add to a large bowl and whisk, and prepare to be amazed!

Egg Hunt Cupcake Recipe

The biggest thing to remember when you’re making this cupcake recipe is that you can’t forget to hide the egg! That’s the whole point of the recipe but how funny would it be if you were to forget? Just make yourself a mental note so your mom or dad brain doesn’t forget!

I’ve made this several times for the kids and they’re always in awe of the “magic” in the middle of the cupcake. As long as they’re impressed, I’ll continue to make them for them. (and let’s be honest, I’ll continue after they’re unimpressed as well!)

hidden reese candy dessert treats

Can you substitute Reese’s peanut butter cups instead of eggs?

Absolutely. The eggs are super fun for Easter but if you want to make these cupcakes during a different time of the year, you can easily use any type of Reese’s candy that you want. I’ve even used a big scoop of creamy peanut butter and dark chocolate chips as a fun variance, too. (there are also chopped up Reese’s cups on the top of the cupcake so adding them to the inside would be a breeze, too!

Specialty Ingredients:

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Reminder, not all ingredients in the Reese’s Egg Cupcake Recipe are linked above, just the ones that may be a bit difficult to find or that you might be unsure of what to look for

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reese easter egg cupcakes

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reese egg cupcake recipe

Can you make this using other flavors of cake mix?

Yep! This is a fun way to give this cupcake recipe a new taste and flavor every single time! Just switch up the cake mix flavor and make it over and over again.

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secret reese egg cupcake desserts

Fun & Delicious Egg Hunt Cupcake Recipe

These are the perfect Easter cupcakes!


  • 1 box of Devil’s Food cake mix + ingredients on the box
  • 4 cups of chocolate frosting
  • 10 frozen Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs
  • 1 cup of chopped up miniature Reeses peanut butter cups


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line the cupcake pan with liners.

Mix the cake mix and ingredients on the box into a bowl

Add the mix evenly into the cupcake liners.

Put one frozen egg in the middle of each cupcake.

Put in the oven and bake for 15-18 minutes.

Let cupcakes cool for 5 minutes then transfer to wire rack.

Put the frosting in a piping back with a star piping tip.

Start putting on the frosting from the middle to the outer edge.

Add chopped Reese's cups on top.

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