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DIY Paper Mache Easter Eggs

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This DIY Paper Mache Easter Eggs project is a fun, if messy, one to do with the kids! Prepare for Easter and keep the kids busy with this fun paper mache project.

DIY Paper Mache Easter Eggs

How to Make Paper Mache Easter Eggs:

Forget all the balloon hype.  This makes a mess that I can’t handle.  It always looks great in theory, but I need something that is much more sturdy!  So, we bought a pack of 1 dozen plastic eggs at walmart for less than $1.00!

Step One:  Using some drawing paper and our Mr. Sketch Scented Twistable Crayons, we went a little crazy coloring our pages

Paper Mache Eggs Step Two

Step Two:  Tear the colored pages into strips and pieces.  The thinner the strips, the easier it will be to do the next steps.

Step Three:  Using a plastic plate or cellophane paper, pour some Elmer’s Glue in a puddle.

Step Four:  Make sure your work space is covered and that you have a bowl of wet paper towels handy to help with spills!

Paper Mache Eggs Step Five

Step Five:  Drag one strip through the glue puddle.  Using your fingers, wipe the excess glue off.  Then, wrap the strip, haphazardly, around the egg.

Step Six:  Continue step five until the entire egg is covered.

Step Seven:  Allow to dry.

There you go! 🙂  You now have a beautifully colored egg that will stand up to all the hunting your kids can do!  Plus, it can be reused year after year!

About Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons:

About Mr Sketch Scented Crayons

When I handed Thomas his paper and crayons, I thought he was going to flip out at the twistable part.  I didn’t tell him about the scents, because I wanted to see if he would notice.  Well, immediately, he made a curious face and stuck the crayon up to his nose.  Then, pure delight crossed his face and he exploded, “This smells GOOOD!!!”  Of course, then we had to start the process of smelling and trying to identify each smell before we could move on to the project at hand. 🙂  I love that Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons engage several senses with their bright colors and interesting smells.

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