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Egg Match Up Game {Preschool}

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Is your house overrun with little plastic eggs yet?  I know my house is!  We’re in the middle of a move, but I made sure to leave out our plastic Easter eggs so we could do some fun learning activities for toddlers this week with them.  We’ve already made a size sorter based on a post over at Tons of Fun.

Picture from Tons of Fun Blog

Here’s some pictures of our sorting fun:

Egg Sorting

I was surprised to find out that my 3 year old could snap the eggs back together (great fine motor exercise), so whenever an egg was found open, we handed it over to her to fix.  She was quite proud of her official fix-it job!


The kids (ages 20 months to 3 years) all caught on quick and the egg sorting game turned out to be a favorite for a few days!

I also spotted a great egg matching activity over at The Preschool Tool Box: 

I didn’t want to invest in Wikki Stix (pictured), but I did love the idea of matching eggs.  Today, my three year old will be practicing matching with some fun patterned eggs I picked up at Walgreens (I think I also spotted some similar eggs at Kmart).

I am terrible at drawing (I might have mentioned that before), so I took the easy way out and took PICTURES of the eggs so she could match them up.   Walgreens will print your pictures out within half an hour of uploading them to the Walgreens site, so this seemed like a way better plan for me!

Here’s a few examples of the pictures I took:

Egg Matching

Egg Matching

Egg Matching

After the pictures were printed, Chipmunk would simply match up the eggs in the carton according to the picture.  I would check her work and then it was onto another picture.

Easter Egg Matching

She really liked the matching game and I think the pictures make it really easy to see the patterns.  It was the perfect activity for her too because she said, “This is pretty hard, mom.  But just hard enough for me.”

Egg Matching

A success!

What About You?

What things are you doing with all your plastic eggs?

Sharing is caring!