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Printable Easter Activity Pack Full of Faith and Fun

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The kids are going to love this Printable Easter Activity Pack! This adorable Easter printable pack is easy peasy and fun. There are Easter coloring pages for kids and so much more! Geared toward early learners but the older children can always join in on the fun! Make certain to check out our other Easter activities!

Have a Happy Easter and use this Easter Activity Pack as a fun addition to put in their Easter baskets! It’s a giant resource that they’re certain to have fun with!

printable activity pack for Easter

These learning activities are a great way to get excited about Easter while also learning about faith as well. It’s the perfect combination for them to create and listen at the same time.

What is the benefit of these Easter printable activities for kids?

This printable pack offers a lot of great benefits! The kids can work on their fine motor activities as well as their creative skills, too. Plus, they’ll get to learn a bit about Jesus and Easter as well.

What it includes:

These fun Easter activities include:

  • Trace the Line
  • Count the Angels
  • Easter Coloring Sheet
  • Animal coloring
  • Learning God’s Word
  • Bible Verse Memorization
  • Drawing Game
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Drawing pages
  • Easter egg coloring pages
  • Egg pattern
  • Word search
printable worksheet for Easter learning fun

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though this packet is full of fun pages of learning, think outside the box on other ways that you can use this printable!

Sit down and read the Bible together

Even though there is a memory verse to memorize here, you can always add more to learn with the kids. Such a great way to have a stress free Easter and a way to communicate thoughts, too!

Decorate eggs using designs from the printable

When the kids color the eggs on the coloring page, see if they can recreate that look using real Easter eggs as well! This is a fun activity that will also result in some really cool Easter decorations, too!

Have them make their own Easter puzzle

They can draw an Easter picture, color it, and then cut it up and see who can complete the puzzle that they made. Such a fun Easter craft!

fun printable activities for kids to about Jesus and the real reason for easter

More Easter Coloring Pages and Easter Fun:

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