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Easter Preschool Activity Pack

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Our Easter Preschool Activity Pack will help you participate in eggcellent fun activities with your little one! Page after page of learning fun awaits!

This is a great Easter learning activity to take a break from egg hunting and candy eating. This free mini printable will be perfect for helping with letter learning!

We’ve created many printable pages specifically for preschoolers that are both educational and bursting with Easter cheer. 

From counting Easter eggs to identifying letters, this activity pack will keep your little ones engaged and learning without making them feel like they’re doing schoolwork. 

Grab the pens, pencils, crayons – or any writing utensil that they want – and let them hop to it! The learning awaits!

What is the learning benefit of this printable? 

Does your little one struggle with counting? No worries! The counting activity in this printable will calm their worries.

Perhaps letter recognition is the hurdle? Our playful Easter egg printables will transform learning the alphabet into a delightful and fun time.

The great thing about this Easter Preschool Activity Pack is its ability to blend education with themed learning seamlessly.

Children learn best when they’re engaged and having fun; these activities use that natural curiosity. 

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What it includes:

There are so many learning aspects of this printable! The kids will be taken on a new adventure with every single page.

They’ll use fine motor skills to work through mazes and work their minds with the fun counting games.

In addition to mazes and number learning, remember that they’ll also work on their letter recognition skills.

It’s safe to say that every single page of this Easter preschool printable is focused on teaching your little learner in a fun and simple way.

Fun ways to use this printable:

These aren’t your average worksheets; they’re Easter-filled pages full of engaging activities designed to ignite your child’s curiosity and unlock a love for learning. 

The great part about this free printable packet is that it opens their minds to more learning fun! Here are a few other ways to incorporate learning at home!

Play Easter Alphabet games

Easter Alphabet Games offer an egg-citing way to engage kids with language while celebrating the holiday. To play, start by hiding alphabet letters with the Easter eggs.

When kids find an egg, encourage them to name an Easter-related word that starts with the corresponding letter, like “B for Bunny” or “C for Chocolate.”

For older children, challenge them with more complex tasks, such as forming sentences or even a short story using the words they find. This game not only infuses the fun of Easter egg hunts with an educational twist, but it also sparks creativity and helps expand vocabulary.

Whether indoors or out in the spring sunshine, Easter Alphabet Games are a surefire way to hop into the spirit of learning and joy!

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Enjoy Easter learning printables from my shop

Even though we create a ton of freebies for the kids throughout the year, I also have a shop full of amazing learning resources!

The biggest difference is that most of my learning printables in the shop are 20-100 pages long and are chocked full of great printable activities!

Check out my Easter products here:

Count Easter candy

Easter is the perfect opportunity to combine festive fun with learning, especially when it comes to honing counting skills with your little ones.

Gather your kids and a mix of chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and marshmallow chicks, and set the stage for a counting adventure.

By sorting candies into groups, assigning each color a number, or establishing simple addition and subtraction problems with the treats, children learn valuable math concepts while indulging in seasonal joys.

It’s a practical yet playful way to make learning a part of the holiday excitement, with the bonus of a tasty reward for their counting efforts!

Easter Learning Activities and Printables

Check out these other great Easter learning printables and resources. These items are from my shop and are a great educational addition.

More Printable Activities for Kids:

Once the learning fun begins, why make it stop? There are so many more fun printables on my site – and I’ve gathered some of my favorites below.

Themed learning is an excellent idea for the little kids as it gives them fun pictures and bright colors. Print them and let the learning begin!

You can get a ton of learning printables right here!

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