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Q is for Queen Activities for Kids

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Do your kids love all things royal? Kings, queens, princes, and princesses are major players in a TON of children’s books and movies, so it’s only natural for kids to get interested in living like royalty!

Learning about queens can be a great project for studying the letter Q with kids, especially because there aren’t a lot of words that start with Q in the first place, lol! Make studying this letter super fun with these Q is for Queen Activities for Kids! There are plenty of crafts and activities here for your little learners to enjoy!

For more fun with the letter Q, don’t miss these Find the Letter Q worksheets!

Q is for Queen Activities for Kids

Q is for Queen Activities for Kids:

1. Make this Printable Queen Crown and put on a show with the kids!

2. And speaking of shows, this DIY Queen Paper Bag Puppet is a fun craft to make and perform a show with too! Just crouch down behind the couch and let the show begin!

3. Older kids and teens will love the challenge of this Queen Elizabeth Pop Art project!

4. This simple Paper Plate Queen Craft is a great preschool craft idea!

5. Have some quiet crafting time with this Felt Q is for Queen Craft!

6. This Letter Q Queen Craft is a perfect letter of the week activity!

7. And for a different craft, try this Royal Letter Q Craft – complete with yarn hair!

8. Your kids will go crazy for this beautiful Pink Crown Cake!

9. Save old egg cartons to make this sweet Egg Carton Flower Crown Craft!

10. Add to your queen’s family with this toddler Shape Princess Craft!

11. This DIY Queen of Hearts Dress is lovely for a royal-themed costume party!

Q is for Queen Activities

12. Have some sensory fun with your queen unit and make this Sparkly Queen Slime!

13. Add this DIY Cupcake Queen Costume to your child’s dress-up box!

14. Save your old plastic tubs to make this Recycled Plastic Container Crown Craft!

15. This cute DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crown Card is such a sweet and thoughtful gift for your loved ones!

16. Make this Printable Castle Playset for the kids to play with!

17. This lovely DIY Queen Elizabeth Suncatcher Craft will be neat to hang in the window!

18. Read Alice in Wonderland and then share this fun Queen of Hearts Sensory Play Activity with the kids!

19. Don’t worry. These Evil Queen Poison Apple Cookies are perfectly safe to eat! Your kids will love the experience of eating “poisoned” cookies. 🙂

20. Not so crafty? You can’t go wrong with this Printable Queen Letter Q Craft!

21. Make your own Queen of Hearts Pastries to share at a royal-inspired family tea party!

Queen Activities for Kids

Queen Activities and Resources for Kids:

Your kids will have a “ball” with these affiliate queen activities resources from Amazon!

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