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Over 18 Fresh Plum Recipes (Seasonal Fruit)

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Plums are in season from mid-summer to the early Fall or Autumn months.  So, whether you have a plum tree or two or like to frequent the Farmer’s Market, you have an abundance of plums and need some great ways to preserve them and use them in some fresh plum recipes!

seasonal fruit recipe

When shopping for plums or picking them from your plum tree, be sure to look for plums that are even in color and are plump.  They should move just a tad when gently squeezed.   Avoid any plums that are wrinkled or have any soft spots.  If the plums are too firm, you can place them in a closed paper bag at room temperature for a couple days.  With ripe plums, you can keep them in a plastic bag in your fridge for up to three days.  So, be careful when purchasing that you don’t over purchase more than you can eat, cook, or can in three days!

Fresh Plum Recipes:

Enjoy some refreshing tea vinaigrette with with this plum, mint, and pea salad recipe. (pictured below, bottom/left)

These Honey Plum Preserves are a great way to enjoy the taste of fresh plums (and a little honey) way past their season!

All fruit may naturally contain pectin, but you don’t have to add any with this No Pectin Plum Jam recipe.  This allows you to avoid synthetic “junk” for a healthier way to jam! (pictured below, bottom/right)

These Asian Turkey Meatballs call for a yummy plum sauce!

Have you ever had Slivkove Knedle?  Me either, but I have learned that it is something that sounds super yummy – Plum Dumplings!  Yes, really!

This Spiced Plum Crisp looks like the perfect Autumn evening treat! (pictured below, middle/right)

I am really particular about my jelly, but this Wild Plum Jelly looks delicious and sounds easy! (pictured below, top/right)

Plums aren’t the only fruits in these yummy (and pretty) fruit kabobs!  They have all the colors of the characters from Clue – a fun way to have a themed family game night!

How about some Plum Torte for dessert? (pictured below, top/left)

18 fresh plum recipes
Yes, yes yes!  Lamb and Plum Stew is the PERFECT recipe for the cool Fall evenings!

Down here in the south, the nights are cool but the days are HOT – so ice cream is enjoyed even in the Fall – this Plum & Coconut Ice Cream sounds perfect!

It is pudding and it is cake!  This Plum Pudding Cake sounds super moist and delish.  Perfect for your next Fall gathering.

I am a sucker for sweets – this Plum Tart with Streusel Topping sounds right up my alley.

If you are avoiding gluten for health or allergy reasons, you will definitely want to try this Gluten Free Plum Cake!

What about some Brown Butter Spiced Plum Hand Tarts?  That is a big name for these sweet tarts!

Buttermilk & plums – sounds a bit decadent, doesn’t it?  How about a Buttermilk & Plum Upside Down Cake?

This Plum Sauce would be perfect over pancakes, french toast, or any other breakfast food!

We’ve had jellies and preserves, but what about some Plum Jam to help you save those fresh plum recipes for later in the year?

More Fresh Plum Recipes:

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Monday 25th of August 2014

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