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Best Subscription Boxes for Boys

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If you’re looking for the Best Subscription Boxes for Boys, you’re in luck! There are so many great ways for teaching kids and having monthly subscriptions delivered right to your front door. Subscription boxes for kids are perfect for curiosity, learning, and more!

No matter if you’re looking for the best subscription boxes for teenage boys or a high-quality craft box for boys, you’ll find plenty of great choices here. Be certain to check out my Gift Ideas for Everyone for more fun gift options.

Having a themed box delivered right to the door is the best. Many of the boxes include learning activities, fun resources, and more! The boy that receives any of these monthly subscriptions will be so excited for them to arrive!

I’ve broken them down by kids ages below to help sort them out a bit.

Best Subscription Boxes for Boys

What you’ll find here is a wide variety of options for younger boys as well as older boys too. All are so much fun and full of so many activities and options.

Monthly Box Subscriptions for Early Learners

All of these subscriptions are a great way to give the kids more hands-on learning and fun ideas to grow their curiosity.

Green Kids Craft

Green Kids Craft is perfect for boys who love nature and STEAM. The great thing about this monthly box for boys is that it comes with multiple ideas for them to create.

If you have an early learner that loves to create with their hands, trying out this service might be the perfect way to grow that element of learning. There are activities for as young as 2 years of age.

Pricing starts at $24.95/month.

Ultimate Sensory Box

Ultimate Sensory Box is great because as your child grows, it grows with them! Since kids develop fine motor skills and sensory skills at a young age, having a sensory box delivered quarterly can be an awesome activity to have.

The other great part about this product is that there are 10 activities in each and every box. This will give your child time to enjoy each one to the fullest and be excited about moving on to other options as well.

Prices vary but start at $37.00 per quarter.

I Can Read Kids Book Club

With the I Can Read Kids Book Club, you’ll get to see your child learn to love reading right before your eyes! This monthly book club sends books that are age-appropriate to encourage a love of reading at a young age.

At $11.00 per month, this is an affordable option for kids.

Best Monthly Boxes for Elementary-Aged Boys

As you boys start to get older, they’re going to become interested in more activities and fun learning ideas! Below is just a small sampling of fun boxes that can be delivered right to your front door.


The great thing about DoodleCrate is that it’s a fun way for your child to let their inner artist shine. Not only can they use this to be creative, but they can also use this to learn more about art too.

With a price point of $19.95 per month, it’s an affordable solution for your budding little artist to enjoy and look forward to.

Comic Club

Comic Club is a great way to gift your child comics every single month! Each box comes with 5 different comics and is certain to be a cool surprise for your kiddo!

The order ships out monthly on the 1st Friday of each month and comes with a range of newer and vintage comics.

Fidget Toys Subscription

Having a Fidget Toys Subscription is so much fun! Every month your child will get a box with 4-5 different types of fidget toys for them to use to play with or help with their days. These are also great for adults and older kids too!

Boxes start out at $22.00 per month.

My Create Crate

My Create Crate was made for creative kids! If you’re looking for hands-on fun and activities for any time of the year, this box will deliver everything that they need to jumpstart their creativity!

Starting at $28.50/month.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Teen Boys

There are even boxes available for boys that are in their teens! You’re never too old to have a delivery in the mail.

Beauty for Cars & Self-Care

Beauty for Cars & Self-Care is a great way to foster their love of cars while promoting them to take care of themselves, too! Each box comes with a mix of self-care products and auto products as well!

Plans are super affordable, starting at just $10.00 per box.

Craftsman Crate

Craftsman Crate delivers real tools to create real projects that they can create to use over and over again. This is the perfect hands-on learning activity for older boys to try.

Prices start at $30.00 per month.

Pathfinder Planner’s Student Prep Box

Pathfinder Planner’s Student Prep Box was created to help your teen start to prepare and think about college. The boxes have prep material and tips for getting ready to launch out into the world on their own.

Plans start at $44.95 per month.

Box of Books for Teens & Young Adults

Box of Books for Teens & Young Adults is the perfect way to keep them reading, even if they don’t want to leave the house to check out the library. Books will be delivered monthly for them to open and love. Every box is different, so you don’t have to worry about duplicates.

Prices start at $33.33 per month.

Toy Subscription Boxes for Boys

What child wouldn’t want toys delivered right to their home? It’s like having a birthday or a holiday gift coming to them every single month!

Itty Bitty Box Mini Toys

Itty Bitty Box Mini Toys is a dream come true for kids! Having a box arrive every month full of tiny toys is perfect for imaginative and creative play!

Monthly plans starting as low as $18.49/month.

Minifigs Monthly

Minifigs Monthly is perfect for LEGO fans! Get brand new deliveries every month so that your little one (and maybe even you!) can start building and creating right away!

Pricing starts at $19.99 per month.

Sports Subscription Boxes for Boys

If you have a sports fan in the house, these might be a great option for them to try!


JrGoLFBOX is like having their very own coach, but with the ability to motivate and train themselves. They’ll get gear monthly and learn how to work on their golfing game, too.

Staring at $38.00 per month.

Yoga Pack

Yoga Pack is great for letting your child learn about yoga and give it a try at home. This could also be a really great bonding experience for the family to try out together. Every box that is delivered will have a new theme that is focused on relaxation and yoga.

Starting price point of $24.50 per month.

STEAM Monthly Boxes for Boys

You might as well add a learning box to the mix to encourage that line of thinking! It’s totally possible to combine learning and fun, all in one!

Oyster Kit

Oyster Kit just might be one of my favorite learning boxes for kids. They’re wonderful about providing hands-on monthly activities, but they also help your child start to think about their future with career information as well. I love that it helps them now and also in the next few years, too!

You can grab this great activity for your boy at $34.95 with a 12-month subscription.

More Educational Resources for Kids

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