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Maryland Crafts for Kids

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We’re working on crafting about the USA and now we’re on to the state of Maryland! Maryland is one of the states on the eastern U.S. seaboard, so it lies on the Atlantic Ocean. But there’s more to Maryland than the coast.

The state is also home to lots of different kinds of wildlife, as well as many historical sites, including some that played a key role in the U.S. Civil War. In short, there is a LOT to learn about the state of Maryland and these hands-on Maryland crafts for kids are a fun way to do it!

Give these crafts a try when you’re teaching your children about the state of Maryland. And if you enjoy them, be sure to check out some of my other geography ideas, such as my road trip activity sheets!

Crafts for Kids about Maryland

Maryland Crafts for Kids:

1. Eastern Maryland is known for its blue crabs. In fact, Maryland crab restaurants often serve boiled crabs with a wooden mallet for cracking the shells! This adorable Paper Roll Crab Craft is a cute way for kids to make their own crustacean!

2. Maryland is covered with acres and acres of forests, where plenty of woodland animals live. These printable Forest Alphabet Playdough Mats are fun for preschoolers who are learning the alphabet and working on fine motor skills!

3. Know what the state animal of Maryland is? A kind of turtle called the terrapin. Make this cute DIY Turtle Paper Plate Craft with the kids!

4. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which is located in Maryland, is one of the longest bridges in the country. This Build a Bridge STEM Activity is a cool way to introduce STEM building concepts to children!

Maryland Crafts for Kids to Make

5. One of the most decisive battles of the Civil War was fought at Antietam in Maryland. This huge list of Hands-On Civil War Activities features plenty of Civil War-themed crafts!

6. Wild deer are some of the animals that live in the forests of Maryland. This gorgeous Glitter Deer Silhouette Canvas art is beautiful!

7. Use this Printable Maryland Flag to help the kids color in a Maryland flag of their own!

8. If you have any little Baltimore Orioles fans in your family, they’ll love this easy Paper Plate Baseball Craft!

Maryland Crafts for Kids

Do you have any craft ideas based on the geography or history of Maryland? If I missed some great ones, share them in the comments!

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