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Space Activities for Preschoolers

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Is your child interested in the solar system? I have this list of Space Activities for Preschoolers that offers a range of fun and educational resources to add to your science lessons.

Your child will love these Space Activities for Kids!

From the moon to different planets, this list includes the most engaging and age-appropriate activities that will have your children captivated from beginning to end!

A collage for 4 different space activities for preschoolers including lacing cards, a file folder game, sensory bin and art project.

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Why should preschoolers learn about space?

Learning about space is so exciting! A space curriculum can be one of the most fun and educational topics to explore when homeschooling.

From paper plate planets to playing with space-themed sensory bins, there is an abundance of space activities available for preschoolers.

Not only are these activities informative, but they are also engaging and help young learners understand the wonders that lie in our universe. With space exploration as a form of entertainment, your preschooler will have an amazing time discovering something new each day!

They also learn that the world around them is much bigger than life on Earth itself. What child is not captivated by the enormous galaxies around us?

Fun space books to read

Reading to preschoolers is a great way to help them develop language and literacy skills, and books about space are especially engaging. These books offer vivid illustrations and age-appropriate stories that bring outer space adventures right into your living room. They’re sure to capture the imagination of any child!



Fun activities to learn about space

Create your own solar system – with the sun at the center, learn about the planets that orbit around the sun, and their distance from the sun, and create your own space project using construction paper or styrofoam balls.

Visit a science museum – plan a trip to a local museum that has a space exhibit to learn about the planets, and astronauts, if there’s a planetarium, learn about the different constellations in the galaxy.

Take a walk at night – head outdoors on a clear night and observe the sky with your kids, if you’re in a city with too much light pollution, you may have to get further away from the city before you see the stars in the sky. If you can get a telescope even better, your kids will love observing the sky to see different constellations.

Space Activities for Preschoolers

Now let’s start exploring the wonders of space! Your little ones won’t want adventures outside planet Earth to ever end after experiencing all of these exciting space ideas!

Space Activities for Preschoolers

Which of these space activities will you try with your preschooler?

Monique is a homeschooling mother to 3 in Ontario, Canada. She shares homeschooling and science resources for young learners on Living Life and Learning. For more printables, join the Facebook group – Printables for Homeschool Parents.

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