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The Ultimate Birthday Party Guide

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Here, you will find our ultimate birthday guide – yes, it says ultimate birthday party guide, but it is really more than that.

We also cover things like cupcakes, tips, tricks, and we even have a list of birthday clubs to join.

So, as I originally said, this is more like a guide to all things birthday, not just celebrations! But, we don’t really have much as far as gift ideas – each theme has a few suggestions. However, for the big list, be sure to visit our gift ideas for everyone section!

In addition to this list of 7 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Young Boys, we have plenty of other ideas and more coming as quickly as possible.

Note: I don’t consider a baby shower to be a birthday… though I guess it is a celebration of the very original birthday… conception! LOL! Check out our Baby Shower Ideas, instead!

Birthday Theme Ideas

If you don’t see an idea (or two) in the alphabetical list below, please reach out to us and ask! We will bump it up i our writing schedule to get it to you as quickly as possible!

LEGO – The mega list of LEGO party resources

LEGO Party Favor Ideas

Pirate Party – We included literally everything you need to host the perfect Pirate Party!

Birthday Letter Ideas:

I was writing letters to my kids, then life got busy and my baby didn’t get one. I am putting it on my plans to write him one this month. But, they will help you craft your own birthday letters!

A Birthday Letter to my Middle Son

A Birthday Letter to my Oldest Son

More Birthday Party Resources:

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