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Keys To Throwing A Memorable Birthday Party

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Throwing a memorable birthday party is easier than you might think. You don’t need an unlimited budget and you don’t need a fancy venue. In fact, you don’t even need a birthday party theme as long as you have fun things to keep everyone busy. Oh and cake – you have to have cake.

Keys To Throwing A Memorable Birthday Party

Keys To Throwing A Memorable Birthday Party

Choosing the Venue

One of the keys to throwing a memorable birthday party is choosing the right venue. While some people go out and find a posh venue like a movie theatre or bowling alley, they can get expensive. It can also limit the amount of people you have and the amount of entertainment provided. At a movie theatre, you can only watch a movie and at a bowling alley, well, there’s bowling.

You will want to look at local parks near you and see if they offer birthday party space or packages. Many parks have picnic benches, playgrounds, great views and much more to offer. They are affordable and you can bring all the entertainment to the park.

Choosing the Games

Another key to throwing a memorable birthday party is deciding what games should be played. It can be advantageous to limit the amount of games because you then have winners and losers. The losers aren’t going to have fond memories of the party. This is why many people have decided to go with an inflatable dream castle or other bounce house in place of games.

The bounce house is an inflatable way to keep kids entertained for hours on end. They jump inside and get out all of their energy. There are many different themed bounce houses, allowing you to choose one based upon the gender of the kids as well as the ages of the kids. A company will come and set up the house and break it down, leaving you with virtually nothing to do when it comes to providing entertainment.

Bring Plenty of Food and Drinks

A memorable birthday party isn’t complete without food and drinks. You cannot feed people cake alone and expect them to be happy. This doesn’t mean you have to serve them a meal, either. You can have chips, fruit, cookies, or something else for people to “snack” on. Once you have the snacks covered, then move onto the drinks. You can buy plenty of bottled drinks – lemonade, soda, water, and much more. Keep it on ice in a cooler. Buy more than what you think you will need – you can always return unopened bottles to the store the next day as long as you save your receipt.

Make the Birthday Cake Special

When you want to save money on a birthday party, you can still make it memorable by paying special attention to the cake. You can buy it or make it. Just make sure the flavors are just what the birthday person wanted and go for some extra decorations so that it is extra special.

You don’t have to do a birthday cake, either. Cupcakes are becoming more popular, especially with kids. You can serve it up faster and there’s no worry about someone’s cake slice being bigger than another person’s cake slice.

Create a List

When you are throwing a memorable birthday party, the main key comes down to being prepared. Be sure you have thought of everything:

  • – Tablecloths, napkins, plates and cups
  • – Food
  • – Entertainment
  • – Prizes if you are doing games
  • – Cake or cupcakes

Once you have your list, you are ready to get the party started. Make sure to confirm when the bounce house is going to arrive and be sure that everything else is at the venue of your choice.

How To Throw A Memorable Birthday Party

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Toni Marie Caravello (Feimer)

Monday 22nd of July 2013

I am throwing a Minnie Mouse party for my little girl's third birthday and have planned just about exactly what you are describing here. Thanks for the confirmation that I am doing it well. Here's how the party breaks down financially:

Park rental with Pavillion: $50.00 Swim Passes to Lake: $75.00 Bounce House - Free - I won it :o) (would have been about $250.00 to rent) Insurance for bounce house $75.00 Plates napkins decor games prizes $75.00 Favors (minnie lolliops) $30.00 Food and Drink $150 - pizza, sub and snacks Minnie Cake 1/2 Sheet - with minnie cake toppers $50.00 Minnie Mouse coming - Free - I trading building the company a website (would have been $300)

Total Actual Cost $505 (Will seem like a party that cost $1055