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A Birthday Letter to My Middle Son

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I am not sure that being pregnant with a second child is any less scary than being pregnant with the first child, but it is certainly different!  Just slightly over an hour before your due date, you had enough of the stupid epidural and in true Zachary fashion, pitched a holy terror drama filled fit that almost killed us both!  After an emergency c-section performed almost in the hallway on the way to the OR, you came barreling into this world at 10:27 pm on April 30, 2002!

Birthday to Zack

Oh Zack, from the moment you arrived, you knocked us out with those uh-may-zing super huge cheeks and those lady-killer Doe eyes, we knew you were going to be the shiz-nit.  As you have grown, those cheeks have slimmed out, but those rich Molasses eyes surrounded by those to-die-for eyelashes have become even better.  You have ALWAYS had a personality, but watching it mature into “Mr Joe Cool” makes me proud.

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Typical Middle Child syndrome, you care – you really care and think about others!  If you are hungry, you ask if you can get something for everyone else, too.

Ladies’ Man – At about 2 years old, we knew that “How You Doin’?” that you said to every single female in your deep little Rocky voice would bring you luck with the ladies and we were not wrong.  You have had a “girl on your arm” since you learned how to make them bend to your wishes.

I remember you coming home from playing down the road to tell Tripp that you had figured out how to get a girl to marry you – you said,

Tripp… Tripp!!!!!  I know how to get a girl to marry you… just take off your shirt!!

Then, when you started dance a few years ago, a little girl told you that she only liked you for your muscles – you were adamant that she confirmed your theory that you only had to take your shirt off to get a girl.  Unfortunately, we have had a problem getting you to cover that gorgeous honey skin ever since!

Oh So Talented… oh Baby, boy can you dance!  You have talent… oh so very much talent… quit second guessing it and just do it.  You have the innate ability to make people stop what they are doing and just watch you while on are on stage.  It doesn’t matter that your leaps aren’t the highest, your toes aren’t always pointed, or that your turns aren’t the most stable… you are TWELVE (barely).  That stuff comes with time, pain, sweat, tears, and PRACTICE-  but you have the “IT” that so many folks strive for and just can’t get.  You either have IT or you don’t and baby you’ve got it!  People watch YOU – there might be 20 kids on that stage and people notice you and are impressed by what they see!

Compassion in Spades – I am always floored by how much you relate to all of Mankind.  You might be on cloud nine with your Platinum Trophy in hand, phone buzzing with texts from your girl friend, Honor Roll report card in your back pocket, smelling like Axe, and strutting your stuff – but, you still feel so much pain for those that are hurt, sad, or down-on-their luck.  Sensitive isn’t really the right word to use because it contradicts tough…

…and boy are you tough!! – Dancing on sprained ankles, carrying your injured little brother all the way down the road in your arms, going 3 days with a broken arm before I would believe that it was broken, standing up to the bullies at school that are jealous of your talent, flying over that back seat when your brother had just done too much to you, getting knocked down time and again and ALWAYS getting back up.

You have the ability to fit in with any group of people you are around – that is the mark of a great Politician, just be careful to always surround yourself with the greatest and best and you will always be the greatest and best!  That ability of yours to make everyone near you feel at ease and love you can be your ticket to fame or your undoing.

A Letter to My Middle Son

Baby, you know how proud I am of you because I tell you constantly and we both know that you could sit here listening to me brag on your goodness all night long! LOL! (Like your Mother, you are)

I love you, Happy 12th Birthday!! One more year and you can get a Facebook account… counting down the days?

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Tuesday 17th of May 2016

Oh wow, he sounds like such a talented and sweet young man. ^_^ I love middle boys.


Thursday 1st of May 2014

This is so sweet! I have never thought of writing a letter to one of my children like this, but I like the idea! Especially when I realize my oldest is already 18 and starting a journey of her own through life.