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7 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Young Boys

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Throwing a birthday party can be stressful, especially as the trends are changing year to year – it can be hard to keep up! Luckily for us, these 7 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Young Boys remain eternal with kids, and these would work no matter how little or big your young boy is turning!

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7 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Young Boys

7 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Young Boys


A classic! Very few parties are as fun as a pirate party. Before the scallywags arrive, talk to the parents and have the kids come in costume: organize a treasure hunt with the prize hidden in a real chest and have a pirate shaped hat and other pirate birthday stuff.

Super easy to prepare and so much fun, your little pirate will the best birthday ever!


Didn’t we all want to be a superhero when we were young? Your son, brother or nephew will love getting all suited-up in his favorite hero gear for his birthday. Get pop-arty with comic book photocopies for your hero party!

Decorate walls and tables with posters and symbols, as well as the typical birthday stuff, and have a cake themed as his favorite hero: Batman, Superman, Iron Man etc. For a fun activity, have a mask making session.

Cheap and easy to organize in a trip to the local craft store – your boys will be quiet for all of five minutes while making the masks and loudly zooming around for the rest of the afternoon, flying and bouncing off walls!


There’s something magical about imagining these larger than life creatures walking around on earth. Not only that, but the coolest part is digging them up! At your dinosaur party, have a prehistoric setting with rocks and trees – bonus points in you have a sandpit you can have a ‘Dino Dig’ in.

Think tiki torches, grass mats and of course, dinosaurs everywhere! You can find cool dino decorations and other dino birthday stuff online. 

You could do some coloring-in, pin the horn on the Triceratops or a treasure hunt, if your little adventurers are still up to it!


You’d think that kids wouldn’t recognize a good 80’s throwback, but you’re wrong. I just recently went to a disco-themed birthday party of my six year old cousin, and he and his friends loved it!

Dressing in crazy floral patterns and donning Afro wigs, the boys will love rocking out to the latest Top 40 tunes or Dad’s MJ if that’s more what they’re into.


Or any sports theme really. Have him pick his favorite, have your guests dress in teams by color, grab some birthday stuff, head down to your community park and let them at it!

Keep water-bottles and orange slices on hand, but remind them about the sports ball shaped cake or pinata at the end!

Cops and Robbers

These take a little more preparation, and you’ll find you may be outweighed with robbers rather than cops! You can of course play the game of the same name, which involves separating party guests into cops and robbers (despite their costumes if they aren’t really evenly proportioned) and having an object to “steal”.

The game operates as a form of tag, even better if you can have slips of fabric or borrow some of Dad’s ties to use and mark an area off as “jail” to go when your tag has been taken.

If you know a real life cop or have one in the family see if you can get them to pay a visit, that would make the birthday unforgettable!

Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians would be a great theme for an older boy’s birthday party, as it would double as a really good camp-out or cook-out night. Costumes are the best part, second to making tepees and roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

For fun birthday stuff you could have a DIY headdress making session, with feathers, beads and a glue-gun (with parental permission of course!)

And as a sweet treat, instead of a lolly station you could have a trail-mix bar, be careful the cowboys and Indians don’t get into any strife over who will get the choc bits though!

7 birthday party theme ideas

Have you thrown a really cool themed birthday party filled with some fun stuff for a young boy? Do you have any tips or suggestions for us?

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Simone Almeida

Friday 3rd of March 2017

Wow! Excelent ideas! I loved the dinosaurs theme,. thanks for sharing your experiences.


Friday 29th of January 2016

Awwww so many fun themes!!! I would Think a cops and robbers party would be so fun!

Shaney Vijendranath (youbabyandi)

Thursday 28th of January 2016

My daughter loves Dinosaurs. She really enjoyed the expo that came recently to my city. I'm sure she would love that as a theme for her party.

Claudia Krusch

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

We always changed our party themes, my son went from animals, to characters, super heroes! So much fun! Loved your post!


Wednesday 27th of January 2016

These are all great ideas. My son gets so excited to pick out his party theme every year.