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Black History Month Worksheets

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Black History Month is an important part of the year. During February, kids all over the country get to learn about American figures they might not learn about at other times – famous and noteworthy African-Americans who have helped to improve the lives of everyone in the U.S.

If you’d like to introduce more of these figures to your children, these Black History Month worksheets are a useful way to talk about these events and learn about the Black Americans who have helped to shape this country! And don’t forget to check out the MLK Worksheets you can use for kindergartners!

Black History Month Worksheets

Black History Worksheets:

Use these MLK Copywork Worksheets to help your elementary kids practice cursive handwriting!

Help children learn about the life of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald in this Free Worksheet Pack!

Kids in grades 1 and 2 can improve their penmanship with these Handwriting Printables about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Practice handwriting and learn about Rosa Packs with this Rosa Parks Handwriting Pack!

These Black History Month Handwriting Worksheets are perfect for kindergartners!

Study the life of Nat King Cole with this free Nat King Cole Biography Unit.

Dizzy Gillespie is one of the most famous jazz artists in the world. Learn about his life with this set of Dizzy Gillespie Printables!

Help your kids learn about the origins of soul music with this free Otis Redding Printable Pack!

Introduce your kids to the accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen with this Free Worksheet!

Use this fun Civil Rights Crossword to introduce important black history terms!

Harriet Tubman was directly responsible for the freedom of many slaves. Learn about her with this Harriet Tubman Historical Hero Worksheet!

Hip hop is one of the biggest cultural contributions of black Americans. Learn about it with this History of Hip Hop Music Worksheet!

These Black History Month Printables feature several activities for kids in grades k-6!

Study the life of Sojourner Truth with this Sojourner Truth Her Story Worksheet!

Do you know about the Underground Railroad? Your kids can learn about it with this On to Freedom Worksheet!

Use this Elijah McCoy Worksheet to get acquainted with his life and scientific accomplishments!

Booker T. Washington’s life is an excellent lesson for children of all races. Use this Up from Slavery Worksheet to talk about his experiences!

Black History Month Worksheets for Kids

This African-Americans in Science lesson plan introduces kids to famous black scientists in American history!

This printable Black History Treasure Hunt allows kids to match figures with their biographies!

Help young kids learn to read fluently with this printable Black History Book for Early Readers!

This Crispus Attucks Worksheet is a great way to talk about the role African-Americans have played in the U.S. military!

This Frederick Douglass Worksheet teaches kids about his life and accomplishments!

Use this Black History Timeline Printable to construct a timeline of important accomplishments by African-Americans!

Black History Month Worksheets Resources:

Learn even more with Black History Month worksheets by using these great resources!

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