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Arkansas Crafts for Kids

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For many years, Arkansas was known as the “Land of Opportunity”. In recent years, though, the state changed its nickname to “The Natural State” and it’s easy to see why! This state is packed with natural resources, including minerals, gems, animals, crops, and, most of all, its people.

When you’re putting together an Arkansas unit for your kids, be sure to include these Arkansas crafts for kids to make! There are cute and fun projects here that celebrate the best of Arkansas’ culture, wildlife, and geography!

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Arkansas Crafts for Kids

Arkansas Crafts for Kids:

1. The state tree of Arkansas is the pine tree. Gather up some pinecones to make this super cute Pinecone Apple Craft this fall!

2. Milk is Arkansas’ official state beverage. Enjoy a glass of cold milk and then make this adorable Paper Cow Craft with the kids!

3. There are over 2700 miles of railroad tracks in Arkansas and trains are used for passenger transport and commercial goods transport. Let the children help you make this Sponge Painted Train Craft!

4. The University of Arkansas’ sporting team is the Razorbacks, referring to a kind of large hog. Try this Cereal Box Pig Craft and paint it burgundy just like the team mascot!

Arkansas Crafts for Kids to Make

5. The state gemstone of Arkansas is the diamond. Let the kids have some sensory play with this DIY Diamond Mine Sandbox!

6. Arkansas has four different airports that are busy with airplanes taking off and landing everyday. Make a fleet of these Clothespin Airplane Crafts!

7. Acres and acres of forestland cover the state of Arkansas, especially in the rural areas. Build your own forest with this Autumn Forest Craft!

8. Arkansas’ state mammal is the white-tailed deer. Try this Handprint Deer Craft and be sure to add a construction paper white-tipped tail!

Arkansas Crafts

Have you made any Arkansas crafts for kids with your family? Share your ideas in the comments!

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