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Pirate Themed Cutting Practice Sheets for Early Learners

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The kids will love these Pirate Themed Cutting Practice Sheets! They’re so much fun to do and are perfect for working on scissor skills. Use these free worksheets during International Pirate Month or even as a fun addition to talk like a pirate day! Be certain to check out our other preschool cutting activities as well.

This pirate scissor skills practice is perfect for helping your 1st grade or 2nd grade learners work on this easy unit study.

Use these cutting practice worksheets are a way to have free pirate and free printable fun! Take a break from those math worksheets and put down the pencil on the writing worksheet and work on these fine motor printable worksheets instead.

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

Printable packs like this are great for kids to build their confidence in using their hand-eye coordination. They’ll also love being able to cut on the lines and give themselves a boost for independent learning.

What it includes:

This fun printable includes worksheets that are all about pirates and treasures chests and have lines that the kids can cut on to get from one picture to the next.

Fun ways to use this printable:

While the main focus on these worksheets is to work on scissor skills, let’s not forget that they’re also a launching point for other fun learning worksheets, too. Here are some other fun ways that the kids can use these printables to create.

Create some fun wall art

Have the kids draw their favorite pirate picture and have it hanging up on the wall. They’ll love being able to show off their art skills while creating some fun decor for your fridge.

Have them work on their reading comprehension

Have them make a sight word list that is all about pirates. They can then us that list as a way to work on reading and to develop their reading skills.

Play dress up and have everyone become a pirate

This is the best! Have everyone in the family play dress up and work on becoming a pirate. This is a simple way for everyone to have pretend play!

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