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My Printable Letter H Book

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What better way to showcase alphabet learning than with this fun “My Printable Letter H Book“? This is a simple way to print out a book that focuses all on the letter H! Every page is full of pictures that they’ll love to see and color. Be sure to check out my other alphabet printables for kids!

The fun part about this letter h book is that it is a way to instill learning with lowercase h letters and uppercase letter h as well. By the time they get through the learning book, they’re going to have confidence in the letter h by knowing how to identify it, use and write it, and know a bunch of words that start with the letter h, too!

Every time we create a printable, we try and do it in a way that makes learning fun! Because why else do it? Once the kids work their way through this book, challenge them to make a letter h book list of some of their favorite books that you can sit and read together. (Harold and the Purple Crayon is one of my favorites!)

This is a great way to have them research books that they have so that it gives them more reading time, more letter identification time, and just more overall learning time – which is always a good thing!

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What is the learning benefit of this printable?

What I love about this printable book is that it really just focuses on the letter H. With so many letters of the alphabet to learn and understand, taking time and just focusing on one is a great approach to help with the scope of learning.

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What it includes:

This printable includes a whole book! It’s a great way to print out pages and have the kids be a part of the process! What this printable packet gives them is page after page of letter h images that they can create an adorable mini book out of!

This will be something that they can add to their own bookshelves so that they can come back to the book that they made any time that they want!



Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though they’re making a book from cover to cover all about the letter h, don’t let them stop there! Challenge them to think of fun and new ways that they can branch off and use this printable – because there are endless options.

Here are some of my favorite “outside the box” learning activities to do after the printable book is completed.

Make a whole new book

Learning the letter h is important, so have them make their very own book! This book can give them inspiration, but have them work on lowercase letters and uppercase letters in a different format.

They can write words, draw pictures, or do a combination of both. Each page is their own creation, and there’s no right or wrong way to make it happen.

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Challenge them to draw different animals

But only animals that have a letter h in their name! Can they draw a red hen? Or what about a hog? Or you can go the insect route and have them draw a hornet? Or even a hungry caterpillar!

Make a bigger book

This book is a mini book, so why not go bigger? Have them think large and make a jumbo book! Even if they just make a giant page full of letter h words and animals, think about how much fun that will be!

Give them space to be creative – and spread out all the markers, crayons, and glue, and let them get started. The end result is going to be an absolute masterpiece! Let them be creative, and then have them tell you and show you their work!

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