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Pilgrim Crafts and Activities for Kids

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As most of us know, the pilgrims were among the first English settlers in America. Since they arrived in the fall, autumn is a perfect time to try some Pilgrim Crafts and Activities for Kids with your children! These pilgrims preschool activities are great for fun and educational learning. Make sure to check out my Big and Small Preschool Activities for Kids!

Studying history can be a little bit challenging if you have young children. Completing some fun crafts and activities can make it much more fun for kids! Be sure to add in some age-appropriate books about pilgrims and early American settlements so that you can keep your children reading.

pilgrim crafts for preschoolers

In addition to the following Pilgrim Crafts and Activities for Kids, your child can find the letter P is for Pilgrim with my fun worksheet. These pilgrim crafts for kids are so much fun to do!

These are great for Thanksgiving crafts, turkey crafts, or even a fun addition to your lesson plan if you’re homeschooling as well.

What are the art supplies used for a lot of these Native American and Thanksgiving crafts?

You’re going to want to gather up glue, crayons, markers, construction paper, and scissors. Any type of craft that your child wants to make, just get whatever the supplies they need and have them handy for the rest on this list.

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What is the most popular Thanksgiving dish?

Since you’ll be creating all these awesome Thanksgiving crafts, you might as well whip up some pumpkin pie! In my opinion, it’s the perfect dessert for this time of year!

Pilgrim Crafts and Activities for Kids

Pilgrim Crafts and Activities for Kids

The kids are going to love these fun pilgrim crafts and activities!

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If you want even more ideas for how to cover this part of American History with young children, don’t miss my I is for Indian Worksheets and my M is for Mayflower Worksheets to go along with these activities!

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