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Mayflower Crafts and Activities for Kids

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The voyage of the Mayflower was a big event in American history. Learning about the pilgrims and their trip on the Mayflower can give kids an understanding of how many people came to America and what happened after they met the native Americans who lived there.

Use these Mayflower Crafts and Activities for Kids to give your children fun, hands-on ways to learn about this historic event and how it affected the founding of America!

Fun Mayflower Crafts and Activities for Kids

Mayflower Crafts and Activities for Kids:

1. These M is for Mayflower Worksheets are great for helping work on letter recognition!

2. Create your own ship with this Cereal Box Mayflower craft!

3. This DIY Magnetic Mayflower Game is a really awesome way to help kids design their own creation!

4. Let your smallest kids help out with this simple Handprint Pilgrim Ship Craft!

5. Did you know you can study science and history at the same time? Do this Mayflower Craft and Science Activity with the kids!

6. Try this Paper Mayflower Craft and make a ship with paper!

7. Milk cartons aren’t as common as they used to be, but if you’ve got one in the fridge, save it for this Milk Carton Mayflower!

8. Use this printable Dry Erase Mayflower Mat and laminate it for a simple writing activity!

9. This Edible Mayflower Snack is too cute! Kids will love assembling it and gobbling it up!

10. This Paper Plate Mayflower Craft is easy enough for kids to make on their own!

11. Let the children create this Cardboard Mayflower and then paint it!

Mayflower Crafts and Activities for Kids

12. Have an older child who likes art? They’ll love this Mayflower Art Tutorial featuring colored pencil drawings!

13. Use those old coffee sleeves to make this Coffee Sleeve Mayflower Craft!

14. Have K-cups filling up your garbage can? Repurpose them in this K-Cup Mayflower Craft!

15. Learn more about the route the pilgrims took on the Mayflower with this Printable Mayflower Voyage Map!

16. Reuse an old box in this Cardboard Box Mayflower project!

17. Give the kids these Printable Mayflower Coloring Pages for an easy art activity!

18. This Sail on the Mayflower Printable Game is a fun way to get kids involved in imagining life on the ship!

19. Hand out this Printable Mayflower Reading Worksheet and give the children a chance to work on reading fluency and comprehension!

20. Use this Printable Mayflower Writing Prompt for creative writing class!

21. Challenge your children to complete this Mayflower Acrostic Poem Printable and then have them read their poems aloud!

22. These printable Mayflower Coloring Sheets are fun for kids and adults!

Mayflower Crafts and Activities

More Mayflower Resources:

Use these Amazon affiliate resources to teach your children about the Mayflower voyage!

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