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Indiana Crafts for Kids

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Indiana is popularly known as the “Hoosier” state. There is a little mystery about the origin of the name, but people who live in Indiana have been called “Hoosiers” for many years. The college basketball team of the University of Indiana is also called the “Hoosiers”!

There’s a lot more to learn about this state and these Indiana crafts for kids are a fun way to help kids learn more about the culture, wildlife, landscape, history, and people of this U.S. state! Make a few of these to go along with your Indiana unit study!

If you enjoy these projects, try this list of simple salt dough crafts you can make with your children!

Indiana Crafts for Kids

Indiana Crafts for Kids:

1. High school basketball was first organized and played in Indiana. In fact, basketball is the state’s official sport! This simple Coffee Filter Basketball Craft is a fun project for young ones!

2. Corn is one of the state’s biggest crops. This Easy Corn Craft is just too cute for words!

3. The cardinal is the state bird of Indiana. And with good reason – it’s a gorgeous bird! This lovely Cardinal Craft makes a nice craft project!

4. Did you know that the musical group The Jackson Five got started in Gary, Indiana? Make this glittery Microphone Craft and let the kids put on a show!

Indiana Crafts for Kids to Make

5. Indiana is part of the American heartland, boasting many acres of square farm plots. This sensory Farm Small World would be a fun play idea for kids!

6. Popcorn maker Orville Redenbacher was born in Brazil, Indiana. Pay tribute to his company with this fine motor Circus Popcorn Craft for toddlers!

7. The Indy 500 race is held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana. These cute Popsicle Stick Race Cars are perfect for racing fans!

8. Indiana’s state fish is the largemouth bass. This shiny Foil Fish Craft is a neat activity to share with the kids!

Indiana Crafts to Make

Do you have any ideas for simple Indiana crafts for kids? We’d love to add more! Share your ideas in the comments!

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