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Mississippi Crafts for Kids

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Having lived in the South for my entire life, I’m pretty familiar with the Southern states. But there’s always more to learn, right? Especially when it comes to teaching our kids about the United States and the culture of each state.

While I live in Alabama, I am literally 5 minutes from the MS state line – in fact, we often do our shopping there!  Which is why I’m excited to share these Mississippi crafts for kids with you all! With these easy art projects, you and the kids can build a Mississippi unit that highlights the native animal and plant life seen in this state! Plus, you could even add some language arts practice by encouraging the kids to write about each animal or plant!

To add some reading, try this list of dolphin books for kids to read! Mississippi is home to many dolphins and these books would be a great fit for this unit!

Mississippi Crafts for Kids

Mississippi Crafts for Kids:

1. Mississippi’s state reptile is the American alligator. It turns out that many alligators live in the rivers in the area. Make this cute Paper Plate Alligator with the kids!

2. The state tree is the Magnolia. And I can see why. Magnolia blossoms are gorgeous and they smell heavenly. Let your older children help you craft this Magnolia Leaf Wreath and hang it on the front door!

3. Gold is the state mineral of Mississippi. Give your children some sensory play with this squishy Gold Slime!

4. One of Mississippi’s state mammals is the bottlenose dolphin. Have a quick art lesson and teach the kids to make this lovely Dolphins in the Ocean Art!

Mississippi Crafts for Kids to Make

5. Shady oak trees are one of the native plants in Mississippi. (We have them in our area, too.) Gather up some oak leaves and make this fun Fall Leaf Snow Globe!

6. I didn’t know that states could have state toys, but Mississippi’s state toy is the teddy bear. This adorable Fuzzy Brown Bear Craft would be perfect!

7. The wood duck is Mississippi’s state bird. Keep some cupcake wrappers for this simple Cupcake Liner Duck Craft!

8. Paddle boats have been a common sight along the Mississippi delta for years. Build this Toy Wooden Paddle Boat and take it outside to float!

Mississippi Crafts to Make

What Mississippi crafts for kids ideas can you come up with? Share your suggestions or the crafts you’ve made with your kids in the comments!

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