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Letter Q Activities for Kids

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When Thomas was little, he had some problems with a couple different letters in school.  So, I spent weekends and evenings doing some extra work on certain letters (before pulling him out to homeschool him).  Q was really difficult for him because it looks so similar to other letters.

These Letter Q Activities for Kids were just a few of the different things we did around our house to help reinforce letter q recognition. There are alphabet printables, crafts, and activities for learning how to recognize the letter Q and how to pronounce it in common words!

For more fun in learning letters, don’t miss these Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers!

Letter Q Activities

Letter Q Activities for Kids:


1. These Alphabet Art Books are super helpful for learning to spot and say the letter Q!

2. Using Writing Cards can make it easier for kids to write the letter Q clearly.

3. Make this Q is for Quilt Craft project with the kids for a fun, hands-on letter learning activity!

4. This Preschool Letter Q Pack was a great way to help him master writing and reading the letter!

5. When we did letter of the week, this Qq is for Quiet activity was a big hit!

6. This printable Find the Letter: Q is for Quilt activity is a neat way to help kids spot Q among other letters!

7. These Q is for Queen Activities are fun for pronouncing the “Qu” sound!

8. Try these Letter Q Do A Dot Pages for letter recognition and fine motor skills!

9. Pick up these Letter Q Preschool Worksheets for some simple letter learning practice!

10. Have a lesson about letter Q and then let the kids gobble up this Q is for Quicksand Pudding Snack!

11. This printable Romping and Roaring Letter Q Pack is so much fun for tot school!

Letter Q Activities and Printables

12. This printable Letter Q Worksheets Bundle is a perfect resource for helping kids learn to use letter Q!

13. What’s better for learning Q than painting with Q-Tips? Try this fun Q-Tip Painting Letter Q Craft!

14. This fun Q is for Quarter Printable activity is a neat way to use dot stickers with toddlers!

15. Let the kids try this Printable Letter Q Maze to spot all the letter Q’s they can!

16. Memorize how Q sounds with these Printable Letter Q Rhymes and Songs!

17. Practice using uppercase Q with these Uppercase Letter Q Printables!

18. Pick up this Letter Q Printable Pack for preschoolers who are working on phonics!

19. This Q is for Quilt Handprint Art activity is a super cute Letter Q craft!

20. Try this Letter Q Color by Letters Printable to work on coloring skills and letters at the same time!

21. Read some of these fun Letter Q Books for Kids with your little ones!

22. Print out these Letter Q Photo Cards to help toddlers work on spotting pictures that begin with the Q sound!

Letter Q Activities for Kids

Letter Q Activities for Kids:

Try these affiliate Letter Q activities from Amazon for some more alphabet learning fun!

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Saturday 18th of February 2012

They are coming! My wonderful husband was supposed to take them to the post office. Guess what, he didn't! They have been in his truck but went out a few days ago. :-) Since they ship media ail, you should have them in a week or so. :-)


Saturday 18th of February 2012

I love the letter Q :) Thanks for playing along and I gave you a pin. susie QT pies