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How to Make Box Chocolate Cake Better

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My family and I love just about everything that screams, “Chocolate!” And if you’re like me, you’d know that quick and easy chocolate cake mix recipes are a go-to most of the time.

While it’d be great to whip up a few chocolate cakes from scratch, using a box cake mix makes things so much easier! But when you want to make something new, you don’t want to just go with a basic box cake recipe.

In this list, you’ll find out how to make box chocolate cake better with 30 different chocolate cake mix recipes, including cupcakes, cookies, and more! Just be sure to stock up on boxed cake mix before you get started.

Need more chocolate in your life? (Who doesn’t?) Check out this list of 10 chocolate dessert recipes!

How to Make Box Chocolate Cake Better

How to Make Box Chocolate Cake Better:

1. Following a gluten-free diet? You can still enjoy these Gluten-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes!

2. Grab a glass of milk and munch on these incredibly delicious and super easy Double Chocolate Chip Oreo Cake Mix Cookies!

3. Make this complex-looking, (but actually quite simple!), Chocolate Raspberry Cake for your next party or family dinner!

4. These Chocolate Cake Cookies would be an awesome with a bowl of vanilla ice cream!

5. I’d never have guessed that this Health Bar Cake would be so simple to make!

6. Double up on chocolaty goodness with these Double Chocolate Cake Cookies!

7. This Triple Chocolate Cake Using Cake Mix is great for choco-holics!

8. Bake outta a cake out of this world with this Easy German Chocolate Cake!

9. These Frosted Chocolate Cake Mix Pancakes sound amazing!

10. I love the taste of chocolate and peppermint. These Peppermint Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies sound perfect.

11. These kid-friendly Doctored-Up Chocolate Cupcakes From A Cake Mix are ideal for a party!

12. Don’t worry, you won’t really die from this Death By Chocolate Cake. But your diet might!

13. Make this Crock-Pot Chocolate Cherry Cake with just a few ingredients!

14. S’mores as cookies? I think I’m going to try these S’mores Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies next!

15. These Strawberry White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies Recipe look delicious!

30 Ways to Make Box Chocolate Cake Better

16. If you love the taste of mint and chocolate, you’ll go crazy for these Chocolate Mint Oreo Cupcakes!

17. Chocolate, peanut butter, cake mix, oh my! All that and more in these awesome Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes!

18. Be in and out of the kitchen in just a few minutes with these delicious Toffee Cookies!

19. These gorgeous Oreo Cake Mix Donuts look wonderful!

20. Warning: Don’t even look at this Chocolate Turtle Poke Cake unless you’re going to make it!

21. These soft German Chocolate Cake Sandwich Cookies look so good!

22. You’ll only need a few minutes to prep this Crockpot Lava Cake!

23. This Pumpkin Chocolate Cake Recipe only requires two ingredients!

24. Snickers is my favorite candy bar, so I already know these Snickers Chocolate Cake Mix Bars are amazing!

25. This Double Chocolate Hershey’s Kiss Cake would be a great recipe anytime of year!

26. Get the taste of a Reese’s cup in a cookie with these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies!

27. This simple Chocolate Refrigerator Cake would be wonderful during the summer!

28. This colorful Crockpot Chocolate Pistachio Poke Cake is a great dessert for a weeknight dinner!

29. Reimagine a boxed cake mix as a completely new dessert with this recipe for Cherry Coke Black Forest Cobbler!

30. Try this simple and fun Rolo Cookies Recipe!

30 Chocolate Cake Mix Recipes

How to Make Box Chocolate Cake Better Tips and Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources are awesome for crafting delicious chocolate cake mix recipes at home!

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Mother of 3

Tuesday 30th of January 2018

These all look AMAZING! I love doctoring up a simple cake mix to make an out of this world dessert. Pinned.