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Over 6 Toddler Climbing Toys

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There is no doubt that toddlers have an unlimited supply of energy and sometimes finding things to help them burn energy can be a struggle. It’s essential that you have options for your child to burn off some of the energy and toddler climbing toys are a great option!

I’ve picked out over 6 toddler toys for climbing on that are a great way for your little one to have fun while they are burning some of that extra energy off. Several of these toys are versatile as well because they can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the size of your living space.

outside toddler toys to climb on

Toddler Climbing Toys

There are so many great toddler climbing toys options that you can pick out for your little one. Depending on their interest and the type of space that you have, you are sure to find one that fits your budget, space, and child!

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Little Tikes 1,2,3 Climber, See Saw & Slide – $151.19

Your little one and his or her friends can have great outdoor fun on the Little Tikes 1-2-3 Climber, Seesaw and Slide. The play set’s wood-like steps and platform and waterfall-shaped slide give it a woodsy, rustic look.

Kids can climb on top of the play set using the leaf-shaped steps and sturdy handles or crawl underneath through the log tunnel. A knot hole in the tree is perfect for playing peek-a-boo, and the seesaw is a classic way for your child and one of his or her friends to play.


Step2 Game Time Sports Climber

Tiny athletes are sure to have a blast with the Game Time Sports Climber by Step2. Climb, dunk, slide, kick and crawl with this outdoor climber! Kiddos can shoot some hoops with the built-in basket, kick a goal through the crawl through space and tally up the points with the score board.

Youngsters will develop their gross motor skills by climbing up the ladder and sliding down the slide. The active play fun never ends with the Game Time Sports Climber!


Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym

When your toddler is ready to learn colors, shapes, numbers and letters, hop on the School Bus Activity Gym! This fun toddler activity center features a slide, spinning wheels and a dashboard with and clickers. The unique design helps develop motor skills and promotes cognitive development.

The School Bus Activity Gym is small enough for the littlest climbers, but big in fun! Little students will learn to have lots of fun, indoors or outdoors! The pretend tires really spin to display numbers, shapes, colors and letters The School Bus Activity Gym is perfect for indoor or outdoor play!


Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

Up, down, over, under, through, around – the Little Tikes Hide & Seek Climber is perfect for kids who have mastered mobility and are just learning how to use it. Children are constantly active, and this play set gives them a productive place to learn where all that effort goes. It helps them learn, on a very fundamental level, linguistic concepts like prepositions and scientific ideas like velocity. More importantly, it’s fun. Children love racing around it, chasing each other or just showing off for Mom.

The low height is perfect for their developing balance and gives them a sense of security that will grow into confidence. With an easy rock wall, gentle slide, and connector bridge for climbing over or crawling under, there’s a ton of activities to keep your little one occupied for hours.


Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

Climb, slide, and spy in this elevated playhouse. The Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Tree House features a spacious 19″ high platform with a pivoting periscope that really works. Your kids will love playing on the tree house, and you will love that the roof protects them from the sun while they play.


Step2 Sportstastic Activity

Slide and dunk, kick and climb, so many ways to play. With three sports to choose from and a fun slide too, your little champion has so much to do. 3-in-1 sports: basketball hoop and ball, soccer goal, tethered baseball and bat. Mini slide and step for active climb and slide play. As a bonus each sports accessory has it’s own storage place on outer wall.  This is one of my favorite toddler climbing toys in the list because it is sport themed.  My husband is a high school coach after all. 🙂


Toy Monster Monkey Bars Tower

Toy Monsters Monkey Bar Tower is sure to help develop a childs imagination and improvisation skills. Its constructed of durable interlocking plastic tubes with double self-locking springs that make it both portable yet easy to assemble. Safe and fun to use it provides your child with hours of playtime fun and games.


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The only limit is their imagination. Let the fun begin with one (or more) of these super fun toddler climbing toys!

Over 6 Toddler Climbing Toys

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