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Homeschool Unit Study Pirates! for Preschool Boys

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I write about boys’ learning over at Brain Power Boy and I am currently writing a large homeschool unit study on pirates.

When I saw that Kelli had some great pirate learning activities on her site, I thought it would be neat to write up a resource of pirate learning activities for younger boys.

I don’t know about your son, but mine has been very into pirates off and on for many years. It is certainly a fun thing to study. I know more about pirates that the average mom!

I found a lot of activities that are easy to set up and will keep a young buccaneer’s attention. All of the activities I share have a learning aspect to them.

You will find a bit of pirate science, math, literacy and even ways to learn map skills. You and your boys will have a whole lot of pirate fun! I hope you enjoy this resource.

Lessons like this are great for themed unit studies. They help the kids learn all about a certain topic!

Homeschool Unit Study on Pirates for Preschool Boys

Homeschool Unit Study Pirates for Preschool Boys

We will start out with a science one that I just know boys are going to love . . . Exploding Treasure Chests! (don’t worry moms, they really do more fizzing than actual exploding)

As I said in the intro, Kelli has some nice pirate printables on her site. Here is a list of my favorites:

Cover literacy and mapping skills with this Pirate Map & Treasure Hunt Activity. Make a map by following the directions given and then have a treasure hunt. I am especially fond of the pirate map of your own backyard. There is so much learning in this one fun activity. I’m sure your boy will love it!

Introduce or review the Compass Rose. You could certainly decorate this in a piratey style. They used Velcro to make this a reusable activity—I would likely just use Post-it notes. For younger kids stick with north, south, east and west.

Storytelling is a wonderful learning tool. This Pirate Island Playdough activity is really neat. They even made a batch of black, sparkly playdough! Very cool.

Last but not least, Make Your Own Compass. This is very easy to set up and really interesting for boys to try.

Pirate Learning Activities for Preschool Boys

Pirates are super popular with boys. So much learning happens in a fun, hands-on, natural way while exploring this pirate homeschool unit study topic. I hope you are inspired to try a few of these activities with your boy.

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Does your boy like pirates? What do you think his favorite activity will be?

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Thursday 19th of September 2019

This is excellent. Our unit study topic this week is pirates. We did some cool sand art on Monday and wrote a mini pirate play too. We read a book on pirates on Tuesday and learned about old pirate ships as well. The day was wrapped up with pirate poems about life at sea.

On Wednesday we had fun learning pirate vocabulary and then the children did the message in a bottle thing. Today we dressed up as pirates, sewed pirate hats and tasted proper pirate food (cannon ball sandwiches anyone?).

Tomorrow we are going to have a treasure hunt, learn a typical pirate dance and watch pirate movies. What are you guys up to this week? Happy International Pirate Week from our family to yours! I decided to adapt a unit study and spend the whole week doing pirate themed learning activities during our lessons.