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Halloween Worksheets for Upper Elementary

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If you need some Halloween lessons in worksheet form, these Halloween Worksheets for Upper Elementary are perfect!

You can also check out the rest of the Halloween worksheets for even more learning fun! You can never have too many fun learning resources for kids!

Now, on to some halloween worksheet fun!

Halloween Worksheets for Upper Elementary School

It’s almost a relief to have an activity readily available so that you can keep moving forward on a study unit, but not be forced to coming up with your own History & Customs of Halloween Lapbook activities that cover every moment of the school day.

And, it’s sometimes, I’ll be honest, it’s nice to just have a quiet activity, so that you, as the teacher or parent, can have a few minutes to take a breath and work on your lesson plans.

That’s where these printable halloween worksheets for upper elementary really come into their own.

Oh, and if you’re looking for more in-depth (but super fun) upper elementary activities, check out my 50 States unit study guide where you can find an assortment of activities applicable to each state in the US that helps kids develop so many more skills than just geography.

What is this Halloween Worksheets for Upper Elementary Printable Set?

The printables available for download below are a flexible set of worksheets for kids in the 3rd grade and up through the remainder of elementary, which include easy activities that your student can either try and complete on their own, or you can help walk them through, depending on their skill level.

My plan is to have these halloween worksheets printed and waiting on the table in a little packet next week, so that I know where they are and I can use them to help support our current unit of study, with a little halloween fun, of course.



What These Printable Halloween Activity Sheets include:

  • Dictionary Skills – Identifying the guide word for each of these spooky-fun phrases, well, that’s just too cool for ghouls. Not only can you use this sheet to get the kiddo opening a dictionary (online or by hand–or both, to compare) and learning how to use it, but you can also get the older students to come up with their own guide words, then have them compare to the dictionary!
  • Alphabetizing Words – Learning how to alphabetize is SUCH an important foundational component. This will help them be able to find things that are already alphabetized, but also builds literacy and problem-solving skills.
  • Fall Themed Directed Drawing – First, I want to say that I wish I’d had these when I was a kid to teach me how to draw, because I had to do it the hard way and it shows. LOL! But, also, this helps teach kids how to break down parts of a drawing to build a picture. And do you know what that builds? Problem solving skills. How to “build” anything teaches you how to “build” EVERYTHING.
  • Color-Coding the Word Type – No, its not a creative writing prompt, but more like a word search, only backwards and with identifying the parts of a sentence. Kind of complicated, but when you have the worksheet in your hand, you’ll understand and it’ll make sense.
  • Rounding up Math Practice – I don’t know that I have to explain really, but the kiddos have to learn to round up. How else will they be able to estimate how much they’re spending on things when they go to the grocery store when they grow up?! In all seriousness though, this also helps with number pattern relationship identification, which is great!
  • Comparing Numbers – This is a pumpkin patch of numbers that the kids can just compare and identify the greater or lesser number, then indicate with the appropriate symbol. I love these. They were some of my favorites in school. Such an easy, fun activity (and no scary jack o lanterns to be found!).
  • Halloween Word Search – All. About. The. Fun. Also, this teaches literacy and pattern-finding, which will help when they’re reading passages longer than a single line. You can’t go wrong with a word search, I’m telling you.
  • Halloween Word Scramble – Super fun and without any prompts, kids will unscramble words. Such a great literacy tool and also JUST FUN!
Upper Elementary Halloween worksheets

Fun ways to use this fun halloween themed printable set:

Worksheets are a necessary evil sometimes (though, just FYI, they’re not evil), I don’t always want to use them in every instance, but I find that simple, fun printables can be useful in certain situations. One of the best things I like about having these available is being able to grab them when we have a few down minutes and I don’t have anything else planned.

Having these halloween themed printable worksheets for upper elementary is useful, too when I need a quick, flexible activity that just can’t be explained another way. To be creative, though, I have to think outside the box, and here’s a few fun ways I plan to use our halloween worksheets.

Morning Work

I love love love having a morning routine for the kids. Nothing says “we’re done eating breakfast and messing around, it’s time to focus” like having a packet of worksheets that we turn to every morning to “warm-up” our brains.

Plus, it gives me a few mintues to finish my coffee and get the day’s lesson plan ready to go. So, really, there’s another hidden motivation to use these easy halloween math and word problems worksheets.


Despite the common theory, kids sometimes need a few minutes, even during the school day, to relax a bit. To stay engaged, though, I like to give them simple fun things, letting them turn the activity into a halloween coloring page instead of JUST a worksheet. That’s why I left this fun set black and white, because kids just like to color sometimes (and if they’re working a little on other skills, yay for me!).

Skills Assessment/Reteaching

Sometimes kids just need a little bit more help when it comes to some of the more complex concepts. And that’s totally ok. That’s the WHOLE POINT of teaching, right?!

So, I like to use simple themed worksheets like this set of trick or treat printables to get the kids practicing things that they need a little help with.

More Printable Upper Elementary Fun:

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