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Summer Math and Grammar Practice for Upper Elementary

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This Summer Math and Grammar Practice for Upper Elementary will help your upper aged children work on their summer learning. Keep in mind that upper Elementary is 3rd grade – 5th grade.

Math practice for upper elementary students is important, which is something they’ll learn in this pack. Plus, they’ll learn about grammar, writing, and much more. 

fun summer themed worksheets for Upper Elementary Kids (1)

You may be at a loss for what to help your upper elementary students learn this summer. Grammar practice for upper elementary is super important. Are you a homeschooling family? I hope you find these homeschooling freebies useful for you in your homeschool classes!

Summer Fun Activity Pack for Upper Elementary

I hope these summer worksheets for upper elementary help them get the extra learning practice they need this summer. Word problems and word searches are always fun, but this activity pack touches on a lot more than that! 

The Summer Learning Pack Includes:

  • Place Value math game to help with your summer theme of learning. 
  • Pronoun Practice to help learn proper nouns. 
  • Roll, Multiply, and Color to help with math skills. 
  • Dictionary Skills to help your upper elementary student with grammar skill. This will help your student learn more complex sentences. 
  • Grade level math skills and writing prompts

More FREE Educational Resources:

8 Summer Math and Grammar Worksheets for Upper Elementary

Enhance Your Upper Elementary Student’s Summer Learning:

Looking for more fun items to help your kids learn this summer? Check out my top picks from Amazon! You will want your children to get this extra practice in, so when they get to middle school they are good to go. 

Summer Learning Books for Older Kids 

  1. The Crazy Science Experiment – Kids need to do science in the summer months too! 
  2. Cursive Handwriting – This cursive handwriting book will help your student keep up on their summer cursive. 
  3. Blast Off to Reading – If you have an upper elementary child that struggles with reading, grab them this book! 

Educational Learning Goodies for Upper Elementary Kids

  1. Critical Thinking Game – Kids need to have good critical thinking skills. This will make next school year so much easier on them. 
  2. Literacy Wiz Fun Game – Reading comprehension is important, this game can help. 
  3. Alphabet Island Game – Sometimes you gotta toss the grammar worksheets to the side and work on the alphabet. 

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