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Free Printable Autumn Fun Worksheets for Upper Elementary

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It’s convenient to have flexible supporting elements for your homeschool needs like these free printable autumn fun worksheets for upper elementary.

If you’re looking for some more in-depth fun upper elementary activities, check out my 50 States unit study guide where you can find all sorts of activities applicable to each state that work on so many more skills than just geography.

Autumn Worksheets for Upper Elementary School

It’s just so handy to have an activity almost “in the can” so that you can keep moving on a study unit, but not be saddled with coming up with your own work every second of every day.

And, it’s nice sometimes to just have a quiet activity, in general, so that you, as the teacher or parent, can have a tiny break to work on your lesson plans.

That’s where these printable autumn worksheets for upper elementary really shine.

What are these Autumn Fun Worksheets for Upper Elementary printables?

Basically, what you’re looking at is a flexible set of printable worksheets with easy activities that your upper elementary student can either try and complete on their own, or you can help walk them through.

I like to have these fall worksheets already printed and waiting on the table in a little packet every week, so that I know where they are and I can use them to help support our current unit of study.



What these Autumn Fun Worksheets for Upper Elementary include:

  • Spin-and-Color Noun/Verb/Adjective Identification Sheet, a fun game where your student can spin to pick the type of word to find, then color-in one of the words of that type!
  • Noun or Verb Identification in a Sentence Activity, for those children ready to identify the parts of a sentence.
  • Even vs. Odd Multiplication Fall Math Coloring Page, this multiplication sheet is fun and would be a great speed-game with a sibling.
  • Roll, Add, Solve Multiplication Math Worksheet, another great game worksheet since the kids could take turns rolling the dice.
  • Alphabetizing Words Activity, practicing doing so much more than just putting words in order, this is fun for any age (seriously, I liked doing it).
  • Capitalization Practice, good for any age student, this is a great activity to help bolster their understanding of which words get a capital and which don’t.
  • Compound Word Creation, making big words work for you is a great foundation in making the whole language work for you.
  • Writing Prompt for Descriptive Sentences Sheet, one of the best activities ever, this is so simple, but helps children get creative with their own sentence-building.
Autumn Fun Upper

Fun ways to use these fall theme worksheets:

Worksheets are a necessity sometimes, not for every instance, but I really find them handy in certain situations. But, one of the things I like best about having printables available is being able to grab them when we have a few down minutes and I don’t have anything else to do.

Having these fall fun worksheets for upper elementary is useful, too when I need a flexible activity that just can’t be explained another way. To be creative, though, I have to think outside the box, and here’s a few fun ways I’ve come up with to use our autumn worksheets.

Morning Work

I am not a big fan of “sit the kids down and just have them work on a worksheet”. But, frankly, sometimes I need that moment to get my thoughts together for the next big adventure.

To find those few moments, whether you’re a teacher or a homeschooling mom, you can pretty much rely on morning work to get you through it. A solid 10 minutes is all I ask and these autumn leaves worksheets for upper elementary do the trick every time.

Plus, as a bonus, doing morning work helps set a “routine” for the day, even if you don’t really have any other routine. It’s just a great demarcation from being at home and just being yourself vs. being at school (even and especially if the school is home) and being your student self.

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Skills Assessment

One of the things I just don’t care for is test. Tests are terrible at telling you what your child has learned. All it can tell you is what your child can recall in that one moment of stress when the test is handed to them.

But, you do need to assess their skills periodically, so that you know where they’re at and where they need to go back and get some assistance.

As a result, rather than having a formal test, I like to use these worksheets to gauge where the boy are at and how they’re coming along in certain aspects of their skills.

It’s a lot less stress when they can do their writing work or math work and then take a minute to color. Or vice versa–as long as it’s all getting done.

Free Printable Autumn Fun Worksheets for Upper Elementary

Reviewing Concepts

If I do notice an area where we need to do some extra practice, I find that these fun autumn worksheets, and similar, come in handy.

While I wouldn’t use these worksheets to be the whole lesson plan (wouldn’t that be boring?!), I do like to bring them out and get a little extra practice on those things that aren’t sticking so well.

So, for example, if we’re struggling with capitalization, there’s a worksheet that’s perfect for us to go over again and get a little extra practice on.

More Printables:

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