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Marvel’s ANT-MAN Family Activity Packet

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Do your kids love movies? Another great superhero movie is in our midst. Marvel’s Ant-Man is here with some action packed fun including superhero strength and control of an army of ants. In this movie there is an all-out insect battle to defeat an evil yellow jacket and his evil technology.

This Marvel’s ANT-MAN Family Activity Packet is packed with fun for the whole family with hours of ANT-MAN fun!


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Marvel’s ANT-MAN Family Activity Packet

This Marvel’s ANT-MAN Family Activity Pack is so awesome! Your kiddos will love all of the contents and super cool activities. The packet comes with a fun matching pairs game including all of the amazing superheroes and villains that can easily be coordinated into your family game night! Simply cut them out, mix them up and place them face down, set a timer, and match as fast as you can! Your kids will have tons of fun with this!

The activity pack also includes a maze, several coloring activities featuring scenes from the movie,match the difference ages where the kids can detect and spy the differences within the pictures, and also a draw the ant picture. What is also super cool is there is a colored cut out mask for your little one to play for hours as a great superhero! You can have some great family time with this Marvel’s ANT-MAN Family Activity Pack!

Can’t get enough ANT-MAN?

In case you are having a hard time deciding to go watch, here is a short sneak peek:

ANT-MAN is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Disclaimer: Images, videos, and printables provided by Disney.

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