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Printable Cactus Valentine Cards for Kids

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These fun Printable Cactus Valentine Cards for Kids are perfect for kids to take to school for their Valentines party or for them to just make with a happy valentine friend. Seriously, kiddos have so much fun to giving a tiny gift to their friends–with or without an accompanying treat, I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day and watching mine pass out these Valentine’s day cards.

Want more fun printable Valentines Day resources? Well, be sure to check out my homeschool Valentines lesson plans. You’re sure to find a few great tools there that you just don’t want to miss Valentines-week!

six different adorable cactus cuties printable valentines

But back to this set of Printable Cactus Valentine Cards for Kids. Did you know that these cute free printable Valentine cards can be printed and prepped the night before the kiddo’s Valentine’s party at school? Yeah! They’re that easy.

Perfect for the procrastinating parent like me.

What do you need to make these Printable Cactus Valentine Cards for Kids?

My recommendation is to simply print these using a high-quality printer on card stock paper.

First, using a high quality printer is going to make you happier. And really all that means is not using your printer at home if it prints blurry and terrible. Maybe try cleaning your printhead first. But, if your printer works alright, just set the print to “high quality” and you’ll love it.

Second, using card stock is going to do several things for you. It’s going to increase the saturation of the ink, thereby making the image crisper. Then, you’ll also be getting a durable card that’s going to last when you send it off in your kids’ backpacks, but it’s also going to make for a great device to hot glue the treat to–or tape, probably stick with tape.

And one other thing: use a FINE-TIPPED black marker to draw the names on your cactus themed valentines. That way, the names don’t rub off (thank you, pencil) or bleed together (thank you, fat-tipped black marker).

And, there is the big question: what kind of treat (or non-treat) goes with these super cute printable Valentine cactus cards?!

adorable cactus cuties printable valentine cards

What Valentines treats go with these adorable cactus Valentines set?

Ok. So, I have thought about this a lot, because you have to have something epic to go with the world’s cutest cactus valentine–seriously.

This isn’t a printable Valentine card that screams “put me with a juice box” or “this only goes with an applesauce cup”. Seriously–what goes with cactus?!

As a result, I have come up with a few items (other than raisin boxes, because, honestly they go with everything) that are available on Amazon that you can pair with my cactus Valentines.

cactus printable valentine cards for kids

What non-candy treats go with this printable Valentine card set?

Just like with the candy-type treats that could possibly go with this printable Valentine card set, I have thought a lot about what non-candy treats go with these cactus valentines cards.

And, because I’m me and I can’t help but share, I’ve popped in some Amazon links here so you can grab them if you’re a non-candy-treat kinda parent.

printable valentines of six different cactus cuties

What are tips for handing out Valentine’s Day cards to kids?

Showing kindness to others is an important skill to teach children, and Valentine’s Day cards are a fun way of reinforcing this lesson.

When handing out cards on Valentine’s Day, consider keeping things fun and lighthearted by making the card exchange into a game.

For example, set up stations around the classroom or play area with Valentines arranged by character or theme.

Encourage kids to explore each station, pick out cards they like, and hand them out randomly or to specific individuals.

Sharing in this manner allows young children to feel comforted, knowing that no one has been left behind in receiving a card from their peers.

What are some fun homemade Valentine’s box ideas for kids to make?

Several homemade options will bring lasting enjoyment to children on the hunt for a creative Valentine’s box project.

One of the most enjoyable approaches is transforming an ordinary cereal box into a festive container with some crafty supplies and imagination. With construction paper, markers or paint, small bits of fabric, stickers, photos, or anything else you may have on hand, your children can make unique designs for their Valentine’s Day box.

Another simple technique is to reuse any box lying around your home and then enlist the help of your youngsters to transform it using their creativity.

Whether utilizing beads for eyes or bowties for mouths, letting kids craft faces onto homemade boxes elevates the art of gift-giving to a whole other level.

Such charming homemade creations truly show recipients need not expect store-bought boxes to make extraordinary Valentine’s day deliveries.

What is the best candy for kids to hand out with a Valentine’s Day card?

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for children to share treats with those they love and care about, and selecting the right candy is important.

Chocolate is one of the best options because it has a long history as a luxurious, thoughtful treat for all ages. Packaged chocolate candies with vibrant exteriors are widely available in fun shapes and sizes, making them ideal for Valentine’s Day gifting.

Choosing different varieties, such as dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate, ensure kids can be sure their Valentines have something tasty to enjoy regardless of their preferences.

Additionally, other sweets like licorice or fruity gummies are popular alternatives that bring colorful sweetness to the holiday.

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Wednesday 8th of April 2020

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