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Over 30 Mocktail Recipes Perfect for Kid Parties

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If you have a kids’ party coming up soon, don’t go for the same drinks you always have. Even though kids love juice boxes and soda, they also love a fun mocktail. Mixing your own ingredients gives you unlimited ideas for a fun kids’ drink. At your next party, how about trying some of these Mocktail Recipes!

Mocktails can be a fun way for the kids to drink something extra special at your next party or get together. You can even serve them in a fancy glass to make it more fun. Mocktails can also be a lot healthier than a juice box or soda, as you get to choose your own ingredients!

There are mocktail recipes for children to choose from that go with any party theme or season of the year. Having an Avenger party? Make a Hulk green mocktail. Barbie party for the girls? Have a pink mocktail in a fancy glass. The possibilities are endless!

If you love these drinks, try some of my mocktails for teenagers as well! These kid friendly drinks for parties are the best!

If you don’t have any recipes of your own, there are plenty out there to choose from. I have pulled together over 30 Mocktails Perfect for Kids Parties and listed them below to give you a few ideas! So while planning your next kids party, don’t forget the mocktail!

Do you have some favorite mocktail recipes that you serve at your kids parties? Leave a comment below and share!

Mocktail Recipes

All of these mocktail recipes for kids are full of flavor and fun! These are great mocktail recipes for kids parties and make the perfect party drink!

If you’re looking for mocktail party ideas, check out these fun drinks! I also think that these would be great for a baby shower, birthday parties, and more!

Don’t forget to grab some really cool glasses to serve up the drinks – and lots and lots of ice! Most of these drinks are meant to be served chill so you’ll want to be prepared!



When you need delicious drink recipes that are alcohol-free, you can’t go wrong with any of these drink choices!

With juice flavors like apple juice, lime juice, and orange juice in the majority of these recipes, the flavors are so yummy and delicious!

Mocktails are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for delicious alcohol-free drink options. If you’re in need of some refreshing and flavorful mocktail recipes, look no further! These mocktail recipes are sure to please everyone’s taste buds.

Is there an alcohol-free whiskey?

Yes, there is such a thing as alcohol-free whiskey. This type of whiskey is made using a process called distillation, which removes the alcohol from the liquid. There are a few different brands of alcohol-free whiskey on the market, and they can be found in most liquor stores.

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Choose a color that goes with the party decorations. You can also choose a flavor that goes with the party theme.

Pick a drink that matches up with the season, like a nice hot drink for a winter party or a cool refreshing drink for an outdoor summer party.

What makes a mocktail drink recipe different?

Mocktail drink recipes are designed to be alcohol-free alternatives to popular cocktails. They typically substitute the alcoholic base of the cocktail with various non-alcoholic ingredients, such as fresh fruit juices, extracts, and spices.

As a result, mocktail drinks often have more complex flavors than their alcoholic counterparts, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a tastier beverage option.

Additionally, these drinks can often include various combinations of ingredients that inspire creativity for experimenters and provide an opportunity to enjoy a refreshing new flavor that would otherwise not have been possible in alcoholic drinks.

Thus, mocktail drink recipes offer many advantages over traditional cocktails, making them well worth trying.

Can all ages drink mocktails?

The consumption of mocktails, non-alcoholic beverages designed to resemble cocktails, is a topic that has generated much debate and discussion. Recently, people have come to question whether all ages should be able to drink them, as many mimic alcoholic drinks in terms of flavors, ingredients, and presentation.

It has even been argued that because they are treated the same way as alcoholic drinks in pubs and bars, consuming mocktails has become an issue of social acceptability.

Ultimately, the decision should be left up to each guardian or parent.

What are popular mocktail flavors?

Mocktails, or non-alcoholic drinks, have long been a popular way to get a flavorful beverage without the effects of alcohol. The most popular mocktail flavors are fruity combinations such as strawberry lemonade, blueberry iced tea, and citrus-infused cranberry punch.

Additionally, creamy milkshakes and smoothies offer an indulgent taste that many find comes closest to tasting like an alcoholic cocktail.

While classic mocktail recipes remain beloved for their timelessness, there is an ever-growing variety of unique options featuring unexpected ingredients such as cucumber, sea salt, and hot sauce.

Whatever the flavor preferences, drinking a delicious mocktail can make any occasion feel special.

Are mocktails served cold or hot?

Mocktails, or alcohol-free cocktails, may be served either cold or hot depending upon the ingredients and the seasonal needs of the drink. Traditional mocktails are generally found on menus with a beverage list full of non-alcoholic choices as cooler weather arrives.

It is worth noting that if a mocktail contains juices, it should always be served cold or over ice to ensure food safety standards.

Whether a mocktail is served hot or cold, it can provide an enjoyable flavor combination that makes it feel like a whole cocktail experience without ever touching alcohol.

Over 30 Mocktail Recipes Perfect for Kid Parties

These mocktails for kids are great for parties and more!

So as you plan out your next kids party or a get together that will include kids, be sure to plan something special for their beverage. There are so many fun mocktail recipes to choose from!

Mocktail Recipes Resources:

Use these resources and supplies to make your own tasty mocktails for kids!

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Lisa // Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing and Crafting

Friday 28th of July 2017

What great ideas! My kids always feel a little left out when my husband and I have cocktails, so one of these would make them so happy! :) Lisa

Max Jones

Thursday 25th of May 2017

My wife and I really love making mocktails on special occasions, and I think that having a few new recipes that sound good is always a good option. I'm really excited to give the lemon berry mojito mocktail recipe you talked about a shot, because lemon berry is one of my favorite flavors I'm going to have to share this with my wife, and see if there are any more that she wants to try! Thanks for the help!

Miz Helen

Sunday 20th of October 2013

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipes with Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon! Miz Helen


Thursday 17th of October 2013

Wow! This is a great list with lots of variety for kids. Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop.