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Beat the Winter Chill With Backyard Gaming

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While outdoor temperatures remain chilly, it can be tempting to let kids hibernate indoors. In sub-zero weather, this may be smart. In most other cases, children benefit more from getting outdoor exercise. Backyard games help strengthen muscle and bone, help kids develop hand-eye coordination and provide cardiovascular benefits. Kids kept indoors for months are typically less fit than kids allowed to play outside.

Target Practice

For some reason, kids, both boys and girls, love target practice, They get a huge kick out of hitting something they’re aiming at, whether it’s shooting a basketball or shooting BB guns.Target practice is one of the great, classic backyard games for kids. JT SplatMaster has some especially fun toy guns for shooting color-pellets at such targets in the backyard for a safe time for the kids and an easy clean up for the parents.

Some parents might be a bit hesitant because of the risks associated with toy guns, but JT SplatMaster’s guns ensure a safe and exciting time for the kids without any danger or risk of being hurt. With the right supervision, your children could have hours of fun having target practice. For some added fun, bring the guns out at a party for some friendly target practice competitions.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course using old tires, tin cans, rope and anything else your imagination can conjure. The rope can be used to outline areas the child must jump over. If snow is on the ground, you can use food coloring to outline these areas.

Tin cans, or similar items, can be used to create an area of the course they must weave in and out of.

Bean Bag Toss

Games like a beanbag toss are great for developing hand-eye coordination. If snow is still on the ground, outline a circular target using food coloring. Otherwise, use rope or string to create the outline. The rules are very simple. Each child stands a short distance away and tries to toss the beanbag into the circle. Gradually, the children move further back. The child that tosses the beanbag into the circle from the greatest distance is the winner.

Whatever games kids are playing, make sure kids are dressed appropriately so that they can remove an item of clothing if they become too hot. Also, make sure they take breaks for rest and hydration. In cooler temperatures, kids may not feel thirsty, even if their body is becoming dehydrated. Keep things fun and light so that the children look forward to playing outdoors and do not view it as a chore.

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