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Learning States and Capitals with Family Game Night!

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We have been working hard to learn the States and Capitals at our house this month. My son is in 3rd grade and really expressed an interest in learning them because of a few geography games that we were playing. He knew all of his states and their locations already, but had not yet learned the capitals. I love it when a game pushes my kids to want to learn more.

These State Capital Flashcards Printable Free game to learn the states is the perfect states and capitals game for kids.  You and your little ones will have playing games while learning the states!

States and Capitals Flashcards

At the beginning of this school year, I got some educational board games to use in our homeschool. One of them was Great States. We have played it a lot with my kids and they have really had fun learning from and playing this game. It is great for younger kids just starting to learn their states.

I love teaching my kids with games because it makes learning so much more interesting. The information tends to sticks better in their heads this way, too. Kids are learning without even realizing it. They like the challenge and it pushes them to want to learn more so they can play the game better.

State Capital Flashcards Printable Free

Because of this game, my son has been driven to master his states and capitals. I love it when he is excited about learning something and asked for it without my pushing him to do it. To help him out, I made some little flashcards.

The flashcards have the outline of the state with a star marking where the capital is. On the back is the state and capital. They are a little more advanced since they require the kids to also know the shape of the state. I created this as a free printable for all of you to use. They are little foldable flashcards so you don’t have to print double sided. You just print the State Capital Flashcards Printable Free out, cut them and fold them in half to make into flashcards.

I hope these help you and your family have lots of fun learning about the states together!

free states and capitals flashcards

Click to Download your FREE States and Capitals Flashcards From Teach Beside Me!

Sharing is caring!

Saturday 22nd of March 2014

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