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Dessert Recipes for Easter

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What do you do for Easter?  In our Family, we visit family – like crazy!  This year, I am hoping to have family at Miller Manor but we shall see.  Just because we have a new large home doesn’t really mean that everyone else will want to change their plans to accommodate us. LOL!  Anyway is kind of the tipping point in the season for us.

 The weather heats up and we start looking towards more cold desserts like cold pies and puddings.  These dessert recipes for Easter are the perfect way to fatten up the family and look like you spent days creating in the kitchen!

Delicious dessert recipes for easter

Don’t miss out on making these Easy Easter Recipes!

Dessert Recipes for Easter

Four Layer Delight – This is my go-to dessert for many (MANY) family functions.  With Cool Whip, Chocolate Pudding, Pecans, Cream Cheese and powdered sugar you can’t go wrong. LOL!

Glazed Chocolate Fudge Cake – WOW!  This looks decadent FOR SURE!

Strawberry Coffee Cake – This strawberry cake is a perfect Easter Brunch recipe

Best Ever Carrot Cake –  Carrots aren’t just for bunnies. 🙂 Make this super easy Carrot cake this Easter!

No Bake Cookie Dough Bars – Oh my word – cookie dough.  Yes, please!

Double Chocolate Chip Cake with Penuche Frosting – I had no idea what “Penuche Frosting” was, but it looked delicious and sounded fancy.  So glad I found out!

Carrot Poke Cake –  I love a good poke cake AND I think Carrot Cake is my favorite cake in the world.  Put them together and you get this!

Easter Bunny Cupcakes –  These darling Easter Bunny cupcakes use Peeps!

Robins Egg Nests –  Easter =  Eggs!  So, why shouldn’t your dessert reflect that?

No Bake Butterfinger Pie – Oh man, my oldest boy is kind of a Butterfinger addict.  He would eat every smidgen of this before I could slice it! 🙂

Easter Fudge with Jelly Beans – You’ll love the taste of this yummy fudge!

Easter Candy Charcuterie Board – The kids will crave this treat!

Irresistible Cadbury Egg Recipes – One of the best list of recipes!

Do you have a go to Easter Dessert Recipe?  Please tell us about it in the comments!

Sharing is caring!