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Solar System Coloring Pages for Kids

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solar system coloring pages

Some kids absolutely love learning about astronomy while others find it a little more challenging. Thankfully, there is a way to make it fun for everyone! Incorporate Solar System Coloring Pages into your curriculum. The children will enjoy this activity and you’ll be happy knowing they are still learning a thing or two about our solar system for kids.

Solar System Coloring Pages

These Solar System for Kids, Printables can be used in addition to these coloring pages.

Have the kids color in each planet exactly how it should look with this Free Solar System Printable. The kids will have a blast and you’ll feel great knowing they are retaining what you are teaching them. – 3 Boys and A Dog

This Spaced Themed Coloring Packet has over 22 pages of coloring activities for the kids. A great way to incorporate some fun into your learning. – Only Passionate Curiosity

These Space Coloring Pages look like traditional coloring book pages and are great for all children learning about the solar system. – In The Playroom

This Free Solar System Printable works as cut outs so your child can build a life-size solar system. They’ll love having personalized cut outs that they can have fun with. – Life Over C’s

Looking for a Free Solar System Coloring Activity? Here’s one that is not only free but perfect for children of all ages. – A Little Pinch of Perfect

Incorporate fun and learning with these Solar System Worksheets. Several of the worksheets in this packet give the children a chance to draw and color the planets. – Itsy Bitsy Fun

solar system coloring pages

This Space Maze Printable is a fun activity because you can have the kids do the maze and then use it as a coloring activity after! – Kids Activities Blog

This Planet Mini Report is geared towards older children but still a great way to have some coloring fun all while learning. – Only Passionate Curiosity

More Solar System Resources for Kids:

Solar System Coloring Book (Ages 4 and up)

My First Book About Outer Space

Planets of the Solar System Coloring Pages

These Solar System Coloring Pages are fun for kids of all ages. A fun way for kids to learn all about the solar system. Do you have a solar system coloring page? If so, share your ideas in the comments!

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