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20 Memorial Day Books for Kids

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Improve your children’s reading level and Memorial Day knowledge with these fun Memorial Day Books for Kids!  This list of 20 Memorial Day Books is designed to not only improve reading skills but also teach our children the meaning behind Memorial Day. Get your kids excited about reading

These books are great for talking to the kids about Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day Books for Kids

This is always a busy holiday during this time of year. It’s a time for gathering with family and friends and BBQing, too. 

But let’s not forget to focus on the real reason for Memorial Day and it’s important to talk to the kids about this day as well. 

How do you honor soldiers on Memorial Day?

There are many ways that you can honor soldiers on Memorial Day. Flying a flag or visiting the grave of a fallen soldier and putting flowers on it is always a great idea. 

What flower is worn on Memorial Day?

The flower that you’ll want to wear on Memorial Day is a poppy flower!

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Memorial Day Books for Kids:

Paperback, library, Kindle – these Memorial Day Books for Kids can all be found on Amazon.

20 Memorial Day Books for Kids

Don't miss out on these great Memorial Books.

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