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Educational and Fun USA Landmarks Flashcards

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These USA Landmarks Flashcards are a great way for the kids to learn famous landmarks. With national monuments listed for various United States Landmarks, the kids are certain to brush up on their social studies and learn a lot of new fun facts.

From the Washington Monument to the Lincoln memorial, our states are full of wonder and amazement! Be certain to check out our State Unit Study as well!

learn the landmarks activities with flashcards

This free printable is a great way to talk about monuments in New York City and Washington DC and brush up on your knowledge of national historic landmarks.

What is unique about this printable?

I really love this simple landmark printable because it has the name of the landmark as well as the picture of what it looks like, too. This helps the kids learn how to say it and recognize it as well.

What it includes:

The flashcards included in this printable include the names of landmarks and the pictures of the landmarks so that the kids can match them up.

printable flashcards for landmarks learning fun

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though you can just print and match up the pieces, there are other fun ways that these can be used as well.

Ask questions based on different states

Once your kids have gotten used to the idea of landmarks being in different states, see if they can name some in other states, too. Do they know any in South Dakota? What about in North Carolina?

Show the pictures only and have them take a guess

Will they be able to identify the National Mall or the Statue of Liberty? All you have to do is hold up the picture and see if they can!

Let them make their own landmark pictures to add to the game

Since there are so many more landmarks that are listed on this printable, let the kids draw their own landmarks and add to the list! This is a fun way for them to expand their mind and creative skills.

free printable usa landmarks flashcards

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