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Back to School Coloring Sheets

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Can you believe it? It’s almost back to school time already! If your young children are already dreading the first day back, you can help them get excited with these printable back to school coloring sheets!

There are printables here for both preschoolers and elementary-aged children. Plus, some of them feature basic skills such as sight word practice and counting! Check out the list below!

Fun Back to School Coloring Sheets

Want to get in on the coloring fun? Don’t miss this list of over 250 advanced coloring pages for mom!

Back to School Coloring Sheets:

1. These Beginning Sounds Coloring Pages are fun for young kids who are learning phonics!

2. Use these printable Sight Word Coloring Pages to help kids practice sight word reading!

3. Grab these Back to School Coloring Pages and let the kids have some coloring fun!

4. Preschoolers will love working with these fun ABC Coloring Pages!

5. These Back to School Coloring Bookmarks are great for little bookworms!

6. Need more printables? How about these Back to School Coloring Pages for your children?

7. Here’s a Back to School Free Coloring Page Set that toddlers and preschoolers can use!

8. Work on coloring and handwriting with these Back to School Color and Tracing Pages!

9. These Back to School Kid Color Pages feature school tracing words to help build your child’s vocabulary!

10. The library was my favorite part of the school. These printable Library Coloring Bookmarks are fun for raising readers!

11. Has your child met his or her new teacher yet? These Teacher-Themed Coloring Pages are a nice way to ease new teacher anxiety!

12. Kids love doing puzzle activities! Try this printable Back to School What’s Wrong with This Picture Activity!

Back to School Coloring Pages for Kids

13. Do your kids ride the school bus? They’ll love this School Bus Coloring Page!

14. Get this printable Back to School Coloring Collection, including pages that feature school supplies, back to school pictures, and more!

15. Have a preschooler going to school for the first time? Get this I Love School Coloring Page to help them look forward to it!

16. Help your young child practice number recognition with these Number Coloring Pages!

17. Color these School Supply-Themed Coloring Pages with your kids and then have them help you look for school supplies!

18. These printable School Frame Coloring Pages would be so adorable for first day of school pictures!

19. Help your child identify parts of the school with these School Building Coloring Pages, including a picture of an old schoolhouse!

20. Do your children love the Magic School Bus series? Get this printable Magic School Bus Coloring Page featuring Ms. Frizzle and the gang!

21. My boys loved the Franklin the Turtle books. These Franklin Goes to School Coloring Pages are too cute!

22. Here’s a First Day of School Coloring Page your kids can complete before they head out in the morning!

23. I love owls! These Back to School Owl-Themed Coloring Pages are seriously adorable.

24. This School Lunchroom Coloring Page is advanced enough for older kids to try!

Back to School Coloring Sheets Resources:

These fun resources and supplies will come in handy when you’re ready to use the back to school coloring sheets above!

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