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Books about Alabama for Kids

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These Books about Alabama for Kids are a great way for the kids to learn all about the great state of Alabama! They’ll be able to discover America state by state, starting with Alabama! Pair these up with even more great book recommendations for kids as well!

These Alabama books for children are award-winning and all are set in Alabama. They talk about the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks, Harper Lee, Martin Luther King Jr., and more.

Most of these books set in Alabama are based on a true story. The kids will read books that talk about things that happened in Birmingham Alabama and Montgomery Alabama as well.

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Is there an inspiring story that the kids will read about from these books?

There will be many! There are so many great civil rights activists and other young women and men who have transformed the world as we know it. There are even stories of a young girl or two shaking up everything as well.



Do the books include suggestions for ages?

You’ll have to use your best judgment on this one. There aren’t any picture book options for younger kids but you can sit and read to them!

Books about Alabama for Kids

All of these books are about Alabama and great for the kids to read!

As you can see, this is a big book all about Alabama! Have the kids go through the list and see which ones speak to them the most, then plan a trip to Alabama! They can then start reading and give you feedback.

Have fun choosing these books about Alabama for kids! They’re all a great read!

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