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Summer Number Playdough Mats

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Summer Number Playdough Mats are perfect for number learning while also working on fine motor skills! Let your preschooler learn with their hands – and eyes!

The fun thing about printable playdough mats is that you can use them repeatedly. Just clean the playdough and start over. It’s as simple as that!

These mats are fun to look at, but using visuals helps to reiterate their number learning and the importance of using their hands to roll and create with the play dough.

I love learning things like this, which are great for various learning activities and options!

What is the learning benefit of these Summer Number Playdough Mats?

What I love about these summer play dough mats is that each page offers unique learning fun. There are pictures for visual learning, numbers for identification, and the playdough aspect that helps kids learn how to put what they just saw into action.

Working with the playdough is also a super fun, hands-on activity for the kids that helps them count with items and their minds. It’s the perfect activity to combine it all!

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What it includes:

This free printable is super fun and a great way to encourage the kids to use their hands while learning.

With the click of the print button, the kids will have access to:

  • Numbers 1-20 printable playdough pages

Each page has picture images that match the number written on the page. Also, there are squares on each page for the kids to roll out the playdough into little balls and count out and add to the squares.

Fun ways to use this printable:

The fun part about using playdough for learning fun is that it doesn’t have to stop here! Using these playdough mats is a great starting point, but don’t forget to branch out and try new learning activities.

Here are a few fun options to try with the kids!

Create fun playdough creations

Creating fun playdough creations with the kids is a delightful way to spark their imagination and enhance their motor skills. This activity provides endless hours of entertainment and fosters creativity and learning in a hands-on environment.

The possibilities are limitless, from sculpting playful animals to designing colorful shapes. Parents can take this opportunity to bond with their children, guiding them through the process and encouraging them to think outside the box.

Plus, the soft, malleable texture of playdough is perfect for little hands, helping to improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination. So, roll up those sleeves and dive into a world of vibrant, squishy fun that the whole family can enjoy!

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Count all the toys in the house

Counting all the toys in the house with the kids can be incredibly fun and educational. It provides a great opportunity to teach basic math skills like counting, addition, and categorization, and it also helps instill a sense of responsibility and organization in young minds.

As the kids enthusiastically search for toys under beds and inside closets, they learn teamwork and cooperation.

This interactive session allows you to bond with your children while turning what might otherwise be seen as a chore into an engaging and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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Roll 100 balls of playdough for counting fun

Rolling 100 balls of playdough is a fantastic activity for kids that combines fun and learning. This hands-on exercise not only engages their creativity and fine motor skills but also introduces them to basic counting and math concepts in an enjoyable way.

Children can practice counting aloud as they roll each ball, reinforcing number recognition and sequencing. This playful task can also be easily adapted to teach concepts like addition, subtraction, and even grouping.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, incorporating this simple yet effective activity into your routine can inspire a love for learning and provide a memorable educational experience.

More Printable Summer Activities for Kids:

Keeping kids engaged and entertained can be a delightful yet challenging task as summer approaches. Printable summer activities offer a fantastic solution, providing a wide range of fun and educational options that are easily accessible and convenient.

These printable resources can cater to various interests and age groups, from coloring pages and scavenger hunts to DIY craft instructions and educational worksheets. They encourage creativity and learning and provide a perfect way for parents to bond with their children.

With just a few clicks, you can have various activities ready to keep the little ones busy all summer, making it a season full of fun and growth.

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